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Ghee or Oil: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

Ghee or Oil: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

In the age of instant deliveries, fast food, and unhealthy food habits, weight loss comes as a fad that seems unattainable yet everywhere. There are billions of video tutorials and diet plans on YouTube, and several diet apps on app stores that cater to weight loss. However, it all comes down to knowing your body and food.

This means that it is important to understand calories, calorie deficit diets, metabolism, BMI etc. Once you have a moderate understanding of these topics, it is easier to chart out a plan for yourself. However, for the perfect plan for you, it is advised to visit a dietician or a nutritionist. Once you embark on your fitness journey, one of the main questions that arise is: which are the right ingredients to have in your pantry? This could spark a debate between cow ghee or oil, atta or flour, butter or cheese, milk or Greek yoghurt etc. Which is better to use for your diet?

Since oil or ghee are the main ingredients required in cooking food and making them digestible, it is important to know the benefits and negatives of both.


Ghee also known as clarified butter can be easily made by heating butter till only the soluble fats remain. Its nutty taste and golden goodness have been championed by Ayurveda for having several health benefits like reducing inflammation, improving digestion, bringing warmth and heat to the body, along with anti-bacterial properties. Known to contain ‘good fats’, ghee can be used with vegetables, spices, bread, dals, rotis etc as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, E, and K.

Popular to contrary belief, ghee has in fact shown to mobilise fat cells and cause them to burn, hence reducing body fat. It contains Omega-6 fatty acid called linolenic acid which is responsible for reducing body fat levels and keeping you in shape.

A spoonful of ghee in milk can fight constipation and improve digestion, thereby resulting in weight loss. Hence, consuming a natural form of ghee like pure cow ghee in small amounts on a regular basis can give one a range of health benefits including weight loss.

However, we must not forget that ghee does in fact contain a huge amount of fats which can cause an issue for heart patients or people who consume excess food with ghee. One of the most important things to remember is that on your weight loss journey, you must watch your entire diet and include at least an hour of exercise to see positive changes in your body.


Unlike ghee which can be made naturally without any processing at home, most oils we used today are refined oils that are made by huge companies. These refined oils are chemically processed versions of natural oils like sunflower oil, mustard oil, etc. During this process, chemicals are added to natural oils to remove toxins, smells, particles and even colour and odour.

Hence there is a stark difference between natural vegetable oils and the refined oils we find in supermarkets. They are similar to processed foods and contain a plethora of chemicals that might cause unknown issues to our bodies. One of the only advantages of refined oil is its high smoking point, which helps cook and fry foods with ease.

However, ghee too possesses a higher smoking point while also providing numerous health benefits and containing no questionable chemical ingredients. Hence, if you are embarking on your weight loss journey, starting with ghee is a great option but make sure to consume it in moderation to see positive results.


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