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Get the money your business needs

Get the money your business needs

We offer a variety of financing options to purchase inventory and materials, refinance debt, or finance your company’s accounts receivable.

The credit or credit agreement is a financial operation in which a person ( the creditor ) makes a loan for a certain amount of money to another person ( the debtor ) and in which the latter agrees to repay the amount requested ( in addition to the payment of accrued interest, insurance and associated costs, if any ) in the time or term defined according to the conditions established for said loan.

What is the interest rate?

Interest is the cost of money, if I don’t have capital and I ask for a loan, that loan will charge me interest, that is, what I will pay because they lend me money.

If the interest rate is 8% per year and I request a credit of $1,000, I am going to pay 8% of that amount in the year. If I multiply 8% by $1,000, it will give me the amount of $80 pesos, therefore, what a credit of $1,000 cost me was $80 .

We can understand that interest is the cost of money.

interest rates

There are different types of interest or interest rate, it can be fixed, variable or mixed.

Fixed interest

A fixed, constant rate is set for the credit during its lifetime. If your interest rate is 8%, it means that you must cover that amount.

When a 대출 has a fixed interest, you have the certainty of knowing, from the first moment, exactly what you are going to pay monthly.

There are interest rates that move according to the supply and demand of the market. The variable interest can be referenced to Cetes TIIE, or another, and they move according to the supply of the money market, therefore, each period (each month) you will pay different interests.

Mixed interest

The mixed rate is referenced to a variable rate (such as Cete and TIIE) plus additional points, these points will always be fixed. Which means that the variable rate plus the additional points will be paid each month.

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What is the interest rate? It is what they charge you for the credit. Interest rates in Mexico are attractive and are paid monthly. If you want a group loan or a personal loan , see which one has a lower rate, it may be convenient for you to choose it.

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