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GB Whatsapp: What Makes It Even Better For Your Chatting?

GB Whatsapp: What Makes It Even Better For Your Chatting?

There are many chatting platforms out there that have made life really easy and simpler. You can easily chat with your friends and family members from anywhere and anytime. Among so many options in the applications, one app that is almost ruling every mind and heart is of Whatsapp. Certainly, this is one of the most popular and cherished applications.

But then there recently came an application called GB Whatsapp 2018.  Have you tried out this application?  For those of you who have no clue about this platform, GB Whatsapp is basically a modified version of Whatsapp app for Android devices.   This application is coming handy for so many people who wish to make more out of the Whatsapp application.

What is the meaning of the modified application?

It simply means that the APK file of Whatsapp has got modified by a group of people or someone, so that it can do things that otherwise have been limited in Whatsapp,  like that of:

Circulating long videos

You know the platform of Whatsapp allows the users to share videos that do not exceed 16mb in size. It is basically a limitation of the application and making some modifications to the app can bypass this 16 MB restriction. So the GB Whatsapp permits you set your video limit and it is maybe the most popular feature and aspect of this GB WhatsApp. Certainly, if you want to share a video of your daughter function and it is more than 30mb, you can easily do that through this modified version of Whatsapp.

You can hide it all!

Yes, it means you can hide the things like Last Seen, Read Receipts and even that of ‘Typing’ indicator.  Moreover, Gb Whatsapp allows you to show a certain time as ‘Last Seen’ in this way you can customize everything related to your last seen and all as per your convenience.   After all, if you don’t want your friends to find out when you were online and similar things; now you can do it all with a single move.  Now, this is what you can consider as freedom while you chat!

Capability to Personalize Whatsapp

The Official Whatsapp app simply allows you to change the wallpapers in your chat window or maybe set customized notifications for diverse types of contacts, but the GB Whatsapp carries personalization to the next level. It means in the realm of this modified WhatsApp, you can easily personalize every aspect of it right from Whatsapp icon to that of the top ribbon to the exciting fonts to how the chats are going to look. Indeed, it would be like giving an interior touch up to your WhatsApp home. Your pleasure of using this chatting application would be more convenient, comforting and exciting once you have a personal touch up in the looks and overall feel of the platform.


Thus, go ahead and download this application right away from 9apps play store and enjoy the next levels of Whatsapp! After all, when you can experience double pleasure and comfort; you should opt for it.


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