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Gangnam Shirt Room System


What is a shirt room?

It integrates the strengths of each store, such as the youthful and sophisticated atmosphere of karaoke and the dynamic events of the Pulsa store, and defines its meaning as ‘an upgraded version of the public system that maximizes customer satisfaction with a white shirt-themed greeting show and basic touch-enabled services’ can do

Hollywood Shirt Room System

Start with a 강남 셔츠룸 blind date and the fun that never passes (1 hour time: 90 minutes)

  1. Start a blind date with Irene and New Terran staff who wears uniforms according to their individuality.
  2. Lightly greet the Choice staff, have a drink, forget about the headaches for a while, and evoke the awkward atmosphere.
  3. starting with the shirt room greeting (sit on the guest’s lap and change into a white shirt); you can have a great time depending on the mood the guest wants.

Is it touchable?

Isn’t it stressful to play with your attractive and sexy partner and play with your arms crossed? It is touchable to a level that cannot be compared with the public system itself. Shirt room system NO.1 Hollywood Representative Min. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries as well as the level of touch.

Shirt Room System Features and Benefits

  1. Secondary services such as shirt room after-sales and business club are not provided.
  2. “Unknowingly, my hand moved on its own” There is no need for such words. 99% touch possible after greeting in the shirt room
  3. Gangnam karaoke’s unique modern $ luxury style interior and up-to-date sound facilities
  4. Business clubs and public rooms, etc. Staff with a size that is close to the perfect size that cannot be compared
  5. Water quality that gets better over time (the more guests, the more high-quality staff naturally).

Gangnam Hollywood Representative

Gangnam Shirt Room Top-class water quality in public rooms such as Terran, New Terran, and exhilarating and hot white shirt greeting event Bubble-free reconnaissance agent price is standard! Unlimited shirt room blind date until you choose a partner you like

Shirt room injury prevention

It is the basic duty of Director Song Yi to give advice on the premise that you want it at the time of a blind date. In any case, unless the customer informs us in advance that they particularly prefer ‘No Touch Princess Mama’, we will support Princess Mama and Princess Mama so that they do not wear an inner box as the staff’s choice to enjoy the princess play.



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