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Fun Fashion Styles That Are Trendy This Summer

Fun Fashion Styles That Are Trendy This Summer

Summer weather signals vacation, beaches, late nights with friends and an abundance of fashion trends. We can let go of winter work styles clothing and relax into more fabulous and comfortable clothing. Summer is when shopping for trendy pieces is less stressful and even looked forward to more than other seasons. Continue reading to discover how easy shopping for a summer wardrobe is and discover some of the fun fashion styles trending this summer.

Regardless of your style personality, in the summer you can benefit from trendy clothing items. However, it is easy to have an entire wardrobe of fashionable items in the summer without breaking the bank or disrupting your clothing style. This summer, these five fun fashion styles listed below are trending.

Mini skirts

A miniskirt typically ranges between 10 to 20 inches in length, depending on how tall you are. However, if it stops mid-thigh, it is considered mini. As fashion does, what was old will come back again, and mini skirts are no different. Whether they are fitted, flowy, tiered and even wrap, the less-is-more mini skirt has made a comeback and is trending this summer.

Of course, finding the perfect mini skirt will depend on how comfortable you are with your legs. A fitted mini works exceptionally well on long, lean legs, and if your legs are a bit heavier, you may opt for a flowy skirt with a bit more fabric. In either event, mini skirts paired with a cute crop top or even a graphic tee shirt are all the rave this summer.


You will undoubtedly use a cute, airy dress in the summer quite often. They are easy to throw on, look fabulous, and wear with a cute shoe. You can find great dress options at places such as a boho boutique clothing store in your area or online. Make sure you pick out a few different styles and colors of dresses so that you have options over the summer as well.

Knit bucket hats

Knit is a fabric almost exclusively used in the winter or during colder weather. However, something about knit bucket hats gives a bohemian vibe that makes them a summer must-have. Designed to look like a fishing hat, many designers have jumped on the bucket hat bandwagon this season and are bringing out hats in various patterns and prints. The beauty of bucket hats is that they can be paired and dressed down and add ease to dressier outfits.

Square neckline

When a lot of fashion trends get designed for this body shape or that, along comes the square neckline, which is perfect for all body types. A square neckline is cut straight across the chest or bust line, and the straps or arm seams hit right at the shoulder. Square necklines are designed on shirts and dresses, and in addition to working for every shape, they bring a level of drama to outfits by creating the illusion of slimmer shoulders and necklines.

Square necklines are the most flattering in the summer when showing more skin is essential to staying cool. Tops and dresses in almost any fabric look great cut square and few accessories are necessary when wearing a square neckline.


Scarves are trending this summer and getting styled as accessories and the star wardrobe piece. In a top-down car, a silk scarf is a perfect accessory to tie your hair back. Added to a white or neutral-colored purse, a vibrant print scarf can change the entire vibe of your look. Around your neck, a scarf rolled and loosely tied will add flair and take your outfit up a notch.

This summer, scarves have a whole new non-traditional use. A long scarf looped between the links in a thick chain around your neck, a scarf can be tied around the breast and worn as a tube top. Or, a scarf lined around the outside of a strapless bra, your scarf doubles as a summer top that looks fabulous under a blazer.

Oversized sunglasses

Sunglasses have always been one of the most popular summer accessories. This season, they are big, bold and making a statement. Regardless of your face shape, oversized sunglasses can be the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe. Some benefits of oversized sunglasses are their protection from UV rays, they add mystery to your look and they can make your nose appear smaller.


Regardless of your style personality, it is easy to have an entire wardrobe of trendy items without breaking the bank or disrupting your clothing style. This summer, some closet items are trending, and five fun fashion styles are above. Add them to your closet to ensure that you stay on trend this summer.


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