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Frequently Asked Questions About Bath Bombs

Frequently Asked Questions About Bath Bombs

What are bath bombs? These are fizzy bombs that bring excitement to your bath. Do you know that bath bombs are beneficial for your skin? Let us help you with understanding why bath bombs are bombs.

These are palm-sized balls or spheres that rapidly fizzle and dissolve in the water. This adds a bit of fun. As these bombs are made from a variety of natural ingredients, bath bombs detox, soothe and help you relax. Bath bombs are made by mixing baking soda and citric acid together. After that, a blend of plant oils, essential oils and a bit of witch hazel are added. This mixture is then hand-pressed into a mold. If you want to make at home, you can buy bath bomb colorant and bath bomb making kit online. In case you don’t want to make, you can purchase bath bombs online.

So, let’s answer some of the questions related to bath bombs?

Are these bombs fragrant?

Yes. So, bath bombs might not be right for you in case you are sensitive to scent. You can go for bath salts. Bath salts are a little less fragrant and offer the same benefits.

Why bath bombs fizz and dissolve?

The fizzing effect comes from the reaction between citric acid and baking soda. The citric acid reacts with sodium bicarbonate and releases carbon dioxide gas. As this happens, the bomb begins to break apart. And, it releases essential oils, pigments and plant oils for skin conditioning.

For how long one should store a bath bomb before using?

Always store your bath bombs in a ziplock bag or an airtight container. Keep this ziplock bag or airtight container in a cool dark place. This protects the bath bomb from moisture and also keeps it from losing scent or drying out. Bath bombs become less effective over time if you are not storing properly.

Is it OK to cut a bath bomb in half and use only one half at a time?

They are most likely to break and crumble, but you can try. A half of a bath bomb will dissolve quickly. A bath bomb is made for single use. You will get its full benefits only when you are using a whole bath bomb. You can take it out and keep it to use again. However, it will not be that effective.

Are the ingredients safe?

Bath bombs are made from all-natural ingredients. So, these are not only good for you but for our earth as well.

Are our bath bombs gluten-free?

All the ingredients used for making bath bombs are gluten-free. To make sure that you are using gluten-free bath bombs, make them at home. All you need is bath bomb colorant, bath bomb-making kit, and ingredients.

Are these bombs nut-free?

The majority of makers do not use peanuts in their products. However, some products may contain traces of nuts. So, it is difficult to guarantee that bath bombs are nut-free. It depends on the oils used in making them. You can use oils of your choice if you are using bath bombs making a kit.

Our bath bombs safe during pregnancy and for kids?

Yes, most of the bath bombs are safe. However, you are advised to limit the use of lemongrass. Kids with age 2 or more can use bath bombs. Bath bombs safe for kids are blends of oatmeal and honey or lavender and calendula.

Can bath bombs irritate the skin?

Don’t use if you have broken or irritated skin. If not, you are good to go.

Will bath bombs dry out the skin?

Bath bombs smell great and also moisturize your skin. All the ingredients used in bath bombs hydrate your skin.


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