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Follow Some Rules To Get Fair And Glowing Skin

Follow Some Rules To Get Fair And Glowing Skin

Every day we do many things to get glowing and fair skin. Most of us use chemical beauty products that are harmful for our skin. If we follow simple rules of our everyday lifestyle then we can avoid such skin problems and also avoid using chemical products.

Some rules of everyday lifestyle:

Remain silent:

How do you feel when you talk for too long? Often tired? Talking and laughing unnecessarily affects our body negatively. Silence saves energy. If you want to experience it, then you should do the Art of Living Part 2 program. Silence of silence fills you with deep meditation. Also don’t forget that it creates special glow in your skin and helps you to get rid of dead skin from face.

Stay young forever:

In general, being beautiful means being young and seeing newness in everything. If you feel young then you look young. Meditation naturally reduces the speed of age and maintains youth and freshness. So go ahead and experience yourself from the heart for 18 years.

Breathing properly:

Do you think that you can get rid of stains and pimples by breathing properly? Yes, that’s right, when we are worry-free then the pimples and stains caused by our stress are reduced. Sudarshan Kriya Pranayama is a method that removes the tension of both body and mind and balances our body and mind.

Know yourself:

Are there some days when you apply cream on the skin and the skin still remains happy. Sometimes you and your friend apply the same cream and both have different effects on the skin. You need to pay attention to the nature of your body. According to Ayurveda, each person’s body is made up of three elements – Vata, Pitta and Kapha .

These elements make up your body, personality, and skin. If your skin is dry then the Vata element in your body has increased. The person who has bile nature has normal skin. Having oily skin means that there is a significant amount of phlegm in your body. If you have knowledge of the nature of your body, then you can understand which food you should eat and which should be discarded.

Pay attention:

One candle radiates light every day. Meditation affects the candle inside us in a unique way. The more you meditate, the more you shine. Artists also enhance their aura by meditation. This is not a fantasy, it is absolutely true. Carefully you shine both inside and outside. This glow cannot be found through makeup.

Keep calm:

If you are sad, angry, hopeless or sad, your face may not look great. So be sure about this that your peace of mind and happiness cannot move you from the goal. The only solution is meditation. This is a simple requirement. Which are beyond physicality?

Massage with oil:

Massage once a week with oil on the face can give amazing results. Oil should be chosen according to the nature of your skin, such as Pisirdala or Narayana oil. Mustard, coconut, almond or kumkadi oil are good nutrients to enhance the glow of the skin. Facial marma, is a deep relaxing process, so that the muscles of the face are relieved of tension and the mind is relaxed. Most of the beauticians prefer plexaderm to remove eye dark circles but we all don’t know how long does plexaderm last?


When you wear beautiful clothes, you need something else for perfection and that is your smile. Even if you have spent your time, energy and money for your body and beauty, but most of us forget to show our inner happiness and smile.


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