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Five Facts About Roses

Five Facts About Roses

The first thing that may come to your head when you see a rose or when you hear the word rose is love. Roses, especially the color red, are associated with passion and intense love. While the other colors like yellow, white, or peach are often overlooked altogether in mainstream occasions. But what is fascinating about the rose and its anatomy may make you love them even more. 

So, here are some fun facts about roses that might change your perspective on their nature, form, color, symbol, and meaning.

  • A historical flower

The rose is one of the oldest flowers with historical significance attached to it as well. The oldest rose to date is more than a thousand years and grows in Germany. Its history can also be found in art, literature, and scientific documentation that have been recorded for decades on end. Therefore from still living more than a thousand years to romantic poetry associated with roses and making art alive with the flower, the rose is more than a symbol of love on Valentines’ Day. Use our Santa Rosa-CA flower delivery services to send the best bouquet of roses to the love of your life.

  • Great for making perfumes

Have you ever stopped to smell a rose? Well, most people would miss out on this because unlike the jasmine, roses don’t particularly give out a strong smell. So, you’d have to move closer to get the subtle yet deep odor of the flower. Nonetheless, the rose makes a perfect scent for making perfumes and other natural extractions for the body. The perfume industry has depended on roses for oils and perfumes for centuries. The process of making perfumes and oils from roses is a long, tedious and expensive affair. But the end result is worth it.

  • Different color – different meaning

Yes, all roses have meanings. As mentioned, red roses are mostly associated with love and passion, other colors mean other things. The yellow rose present vibrant energy, and a fresh perspective perfect for friendships, casual meetings, and cheerful days. On the other hand, white roses have a deeper connotation attached to them. They represent peace, respect, sympathy, purity, innocence, and spirituality. Orange or peach-colored roses are filled with enthusiasm and are perfect for starting a new beginning, the first day at a job, or a newborn child. We are one of the best Santa Rosa-CA flower shops where you can choose from our exclusive collections and send them to your loved ones.

  • Roses don’t come in black

There is a confusion worldwide where people mistake the dark reddish color for the color black. The dark reddish color is simply a darker breed of the rose that appears to be black. However, the fact remains that there is no black rose. The dark-colored rose is found in some parts of Asia, North America, and Europe. Get the best bouquet of selected flowers for your family and friends from one of the most renowned Santa Rosa-CA online florists.

  • Roses are edible

The last fact is fun and exciting. Who would’ve thought that roses could end up on a platter in your kitchen? Well, upgrade your kitchen inventory because rose petals work in dishes like jams, jellies, and are a good flavoring ingredient for both Chinese and Indian cuisines. But that’s not all, roses also produce a berry on their rose hips that are rich in vitamin C. These can be used in cocktail drinks and tea. Now all of SnapBloom’s products can be easily found on our website.


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