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Find Different Ways to Make Money Online and Find Side Jobs

Find Different Ways to Make Money Online and Find Side Jobs

The biggest advantage of a digital nomad is that it is possible to work in a free work environment regardless of place and time. How Many Jobs are Available in Basic Industries? If so, digital nomads who work around the world without having to settle down in one place or all over the world can’t help but ask the question, ‘How can I make a profit?’

To give the easiest example, you can probably think of the you Tubers that everyone knows now.

You can make a video of your own vlog or planned content on YouTube, upload it, and add ads to make money. Probably the most commonly known and easily understandable to people who see more and more of the video and watch the ad, or the revenue generated by those who need it clicking on the ad to cover or generate revenue for other videos. I think it might be the field. You can think of it as a digital nomad with the name of a creator.

Just to give you the most famous examples, but similarly, what are some ways you can real online earning site using your content or talent?

‘Various ways to make money online’

Various methods of making money online are usually generated through platforms or SNS. The most common method is to use a well-designed blog, YouTube, or SNS account to place advertisements or conduct additional affiliate marketing to earn money in return. Another method is to purchase products through online shopping malls such as Naver’s Play Store. Also, you can find government jobs online on examalert. There is a way to create a structure that makes it easy to sell, so that products can be sold even when there are no actual offline stores or stores.

Recently, more diverse means and methods are emerging, and you can generate profits by transferring your know-how, such as selling e-books and selling talents.

Blog operation

A blog is probably the easiest way to access it. It has the advantage of being easy to start if you can simply write on the Internet without any additional effort. Various search engines such as Naver, History, Word Press, and Google Blog already support the blog platform, and you can simply start by registering as a member.

Of course, some blog platforms require some touch of web program code to decorate them or make them a little more professional, but they are not essential, so anyone can start.

If you run a Naver blog, you can run Naver’s Ad Post, and if you run a History blog, you can generate revenue when visitors click on advertisement banners provided by Kakao’s Adfit or Google Adsense.

And blogs that have a large number of visitors and deal with specific topics can generate additional revenue even if they request advertisements similar to sponsorship by companies that sell products or need to promote their stores.

In some cases, it is a platform that has the potential to generate revenue beyond its main job. However, when a blog is also operated as a single topic, it feels burdensome to produce content, and if it is not managed regularly, the unit price of the added advertising platform will increase. The points that the profit falls and the profit is lowered are acting as a bit of a disadvantage.


It is Google’s video platform that is gaining popularity around the world. Too many people are already challenging YouTube, and there are many cases of people leaving their main job and operating YouTube as a full-time job, starting as a side job and earning more than their main job.

The advantage of not only sharing your expertise and skills, but also your own hobbies and even the most personal and everyday videos such as vlogs, if you can provide fun to viewers, you can upload without restrictions and on regular channels such as the number of views and subscribers. As the number of viewer’s increases, ad revenue increases additionally, so there is no limit on revenue.

However, YouTube has already been started by too many people, and it is very difficult to establish a place among various contents. There is a minimum condition for making money on YouTube, but you must satisfy 4,000 hours of play time for a video turn 10k into 100k or more subscribers to place ads. For those of you who started out curious about what YouTube are, you may have felt it, but it is a more difficult condition than you think, and there are many people who can only satisfy the condition after a very long time. And while there are people who can easily make a video, there are many people who give up because video editing is more difficult than expected. It looks easy, but it is not easy and there are some barriers to entry.


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