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Everything You Need To know about Cupcake Carrier

Everything You Need To know about Cupcake Carrier

You will understand the value of a cupcake carrier, if you own a bakery shop! Even if you have made a move on homemade startup bakery business, it is a must include accessory. We do not want your efforts and precious time to go wasteful. Transporting cupcakes without any specific carrier can be quite challenging. You have to take care of it while driving, and even on the bumps. To be carefree during transportation, one of the most efficient ways is to have a cupcake carrier.

You do not merely finish your duty after perfect baking! Until the cupcake does not reach the customer as per their requirements, you are on your job. We know how bad it feels to get negative reviews from customers. Wonder what destroys the creamy and colorful frosting of the cupcakes? Yes, it is the improper storage of the cupcakes. Before buying a cupcake carrier, you must know everything about it. Here are some essential points about these carriers:

  1. What is a cupcake carrier?

Cupcake carrier is a specialized kind of container that is exclusively designed to carry the frosted cupcakes. Standard containers can also help in storing and carrying cupcakes. However, it is better to put the frosted cupcakes in the cupcake carrier only.

  1. Will I get any variations in it?

You will get a whole lot of varieties in the cupcake carriers. If you are looking for a presentable and cute one, buy yourself a cupcake shaped carrier. Other interesting shapes are also available. However, if you want to go for a regular one, choose a round or square carrier box. Make sure to look for an easy to carry handle. It will be more convenient for you to hold and deliver it.

  1. Do I need different sizes too?

Various sizes are available depending upon the capacity of the carrier. Cupcake carriers usually come from a capacity of bearing 12 to 36 cupcakes. You can also opt for tiers! Some have one, while others have three tiers. Choose according to your convenience.

  1. Are these carriers affordable enough?

The disposable ones start from as low as $10. The bigger ones with multiple tiers can cost you up to $50. However, you can readily get a conventional cupcake carrier at $24.

  1. How to clean them?

You can use both hand wash and dishwashing for cleaning the cupcake carriers. However, make sure to use a mild soap, cleanse it gently. Make sure to dry it properly to avoid the growth of slime, algae, or fungus that can contaminate the cakes. If you want to avoid repeated washing, go for the disposable ones. They are a great deal!

  1. How to store them?

If you have a large working space, there is no worry for its storage. However, working on a small space can create some fuss. As the cupcake carriers are large, you will require definite space to store it.

Baking super tasty cupcakes is not a big deal, making your customers smile is indeed a big deal!


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