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Everything about moving and storage services in Boston

Everything about moving and storage services in Boston
moving and storage services in Boston

Storage units and their sizes

When we talk about storage units the first thing which came into the mind is moving companies who provide the moving and storage services in Boston. There are many sizes of storage units available at the storage facility provide by the moving companies. But many people are unaware to find the best, moving and storage services in Boston This article will help you as guide to find the appropriate storage unit size for your inventory.

Smallest storage unit:

Starting with the smallest storage unit with the size of 5×5 it is known as small closet storage unit, basically it is designed for the closets to be store in them but you can store anything which fits in that storage unit as this storage is equal in its length and width.

Walk in closet:

As many of the houses has walk in closet where you can walk and re-arrange your thing. This unit size is based on the same formula so that you can walk in and arrange your inventory as you want.

The size of the small walk-in closet is 5×10 which is ideal for the small inventory. You can keep your closet, Chester, tables or any other things which fits the 5×10 size.

Three room storage unit:

This storage unit is made for the inventory for 2-3 rooms. You can say that this is a large room which can easily occupy the inventory of 2 rooms and in most cases 3 room. The size of this storage unit is 10×15 so place all the things inside it which fits.

Tip: a very important tip for you is that while arranging inventory inside the storage unit, try to place furniture parallel to the wall so that you can save a lot of space inside the storage unit which you can utilize to keep other things.

Now coming towards the house storage unit

Small house storage unit:

The size of small house unit is 10×20 and it is ideal and a good option to keep all the things of the small house inside one storage unit. You can keep your closet, your IT area, your couch, your coffee table, your shoe rack, Chester ans much more which fits inside the 10×20 size.

Many business model use this small house storage unit as their business inventory because it can easily fits all the necessary things without any issue.


There are some other large and extra-large storage unit sizes which are used as the ware houses and the garage. For example a storage unit if the size 10×30 is use a ware houses for many business models ans sometime people use this for their multi bedroom inventory because it has the capacity to occupy everything easily inside it without any congested space.

Another very important storage unit size which is known as the garage size storage unit is of the size 10×25. This is the second largest storage unit after the 10×30. In this you can keep all of your inventory along with the furniture and other things as well. You can easily make space for the packed boxes or for the moving bins so that if in the future you want anything from the storage unit so you don’t have to rush and go through all the storage area, you just have to look for the the bins sections and take what you want. This will help you to save money, many people says that it is cheaper than paying rent to the landlord. Let’s take an example to understand this. Ley assume there are many students and people who came to Boston for their job are doing this because when they have to go to their home on a leave they have to pay rent to the landlord even when they are not living inside the house so what they do is they rent a storage unit and place all of their belonging inside it and after 3-4 months when they are coming back they rent themselves a new place to live and move the inventory from storage unit to their house.

Apart from the moving companies and their storage services are a safe option to choose for the better and stress free moving. There are many movers in san jose which also provide the facility of storage units. They have all types and all sizes of storage units including the climate friendly storage units in which there is no need to adjust the temperature they will automatically adjust their temperature according to climate outside.

East coast Boston Movers is a moving company which provide the moving services as well as storage services. All you have to do is to visit their website and book your moving dates and ask for the storage unit availability and they will provide you all of the information regarding the availability of the storage units.


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