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Evaluation of the Zen Touch MP3 Player

Evaluation of the Zen Touch MP3 Player


When buying an electronic music gadget, it is becomes clear that there are loads of mp3 players to select from. Among one of the most prominent of these is the Zen Touch mp3 Player by Creative Labs. So what makes this mp3 player so popular among electronic music enthusiasts? Well below are some things that people have concurred are the absolute staminas of the Zen Touch gadget:

  1. Long battery life. The Zen Touch merely lasts longer than the competitors – it has a much longer battery life than the prominent Apple iPod.
  2. The audio high quality is actually rather excellent. Most individuals rate the sound high quality as the gadget’s ideal attribute. mp3 paw
  3. User friendly touch-pad. It is easy to use and the alternatives serve.
  4. Has a great, merely style that is durable. It’s total design will not establish it apart, yet it’s simpleness makes it easy to deal with, bring, and also use.
  5. It works with a vast array of on-line songs stores, and music styles (MP3, WMA, WAV).
  6. Reasonable rate. A similar iPod gadget costs about $50 even more at some retailers.

Currently right here are some brief negatives:

  1. The battery can not be gotten rid of. This, however, relies on which version you purchase. The most recent model (20 GB) – for some odd reason – does not have a removable battery.
  2. LCD show could be much better. There’s a comparison issue between the black text and also blue back lighting that might cause some troubles in checking out the display screen.
  3. The brand-new Touch Pad might be also sensitive.

The Zen Touch has some nice added attributes that necessitate some attention. For example, the nice FM receiver and FM/voice recorder add-on (for an added $50) is something that numerous mp3 gadgets have been lacking given that their intro. For many, the additional cost is possibly worth it. Additionally, Creative’s Zen Touch is capable of playing protected WMA, and WAV data – an attribute not yet found on the Apple iPod and also some other devices.

The Zen’s food selection choices consist of Music Collection, Currently Playing, Play Mode, Setup, and also Information. The Songs Library supplies a collection of tracks arranged by playlist, cd, musician, category, and recordings. You can also pick to see all tune documents at the same time. As well as unlike the iPod, you can really call these play listings.

Imaginative Laboratory’s Zen Touch mp3 player is absolutely a challenger in the mp3 player market. It’s new touch pad design will be seen by many as much needed renovation over previous Zen tools. Also, the large compatibility makes certain to go a long way with customers. Our overall assessment: excellent; a certain competitor.


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