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Essential oils that can help with Erectile Dysfunction

Essential oils that can help with Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which men are unable to either get an erection or get one that lasts that for long enough for satisfying sex.

Living with ED can be very hard. Notwithstanding the embarrassment that men tend to feel due to being unable to perform sexually, it also leads to problems with mental health as well. Sex has numerous benefits for the body, and therefore, lack thereof also then deprives men of these benefits.

There are many reasons for ED, which complicates the condition even further. Some medications can lead to ED. Furthermore, lifestyle factors can also lead to this condition, including inactivity, being overweight, smoking, drinking, and using drugs.

Some cases of ED may be due to mental health problems, physical issues like hypertension, trauma to the body etc. For the person to get treatment for ED, it is vital to consult the Best Sexologist in Lahore.

There are also many ways that you can manage ED, depending on the underlying cause. One such treatment option that is available is using essential oils.

Essential oils to the rescue

Essential oils are extracts that are available from different part of the plants. These offer different benefits to the body, including ED.


Cinnamon is not just good for making rolls, but it also offers many other benefits to the body. Cinnamon is good for improving sexual health, as per the studies. Moreover, it also helps in increase the production of sperm.

Cinnamon also helps in improving the relaxation of muscles of the penis. This then makes it easier for to achieve an erection then.

Furthermore, cinnamon is also effective for improving the production of testosterone. Since this hormone has a vital role to play in one’s sexual health and performance, therefore the impact of cinnamon oil is an important one to consider.

Clary sage

Another essential oil that is effective for improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction is clary sage. A powerful concoction, it helps in improving blood flow, which is pivotal for to achieve an erection.

Moreover, clary sage is also effective for balancing hormones, which also have a crucial role to play for in sexual health.

That’s not all there is to clary sage; it also is helpful for improving mood and performance of nervous system. Suffice to say, clary sage target almost all the facets that are involved in sexual health.


Ginger is the jack of all trades. It offers many benefits to the body, including the sexual health. Ginger is an antioxidant that also carries anti-inflammatory properties that helps in improving the production of sperm in the body.

Preliminary research has also shown if ginger is mixed with handful of other ingredients including muirapuama, it helps in improving the symptoms of age-related erectile dysfunction


Lavender oil does not only smell great, but it is also helpful for improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It helps in improving sexual desire, so for those suffering from situational ED due to low libido, this oil can help in improving the condition.

According to one study, lavender scent, when mixed with that of pumpkin pie, improved the blood flow to the penis by almost 40%, which is very significant.

Furthermore, lavender oil is also effective sleep aide. As lack of sufficient sleep may be behind the sexual health issues, it then helps in offering treatment at that end. Lavender oil is also helpful for improving mood, decreasing the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress, thereby remedying the mental health problems behind ED.

Word of caution 

Before using essential oils, it is pertinent that you exercise caution. They need to be mixed with a carrier oil like olive or coconut oil before being applied to the skin. Moreover, you should also consult the Best Sexologist in Karachi if they are safe for use in your condition.


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