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Easy tricks to fix QuickBooks Online running slow issue

Easy tricks to fix QuickBooks Online running slow issue

QuickBooks Online is the first choice for accounting when it comes to small or medium-sized business users. Its multiple features make accounting so easy and a user can easily maintain their payroll taxes and any other things. But it is cloud-based so it needs the internet but sometimes you may have some issues like QuickBooks starts running quite slow which affects your work. And this may result in you may face some QuickBooks Online login issue. Here you can learn why your QuickBooks online is getting slow and to fix such issues.

Why QuickBooks Online is getting slow

There are many factors that may lead to QuickBooks slow and one of the main issues is because of your system configuration you must check the performance overview before moving any further. As QuickBooks is web-based so it needs its minimum configuration like RAM, the bandwidth of internet connection as it needs a good internet connection.

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System Requirement

For Fundamental system

  • A good internet connection of at least 1.5Mbps
  • Minimum 2GB of RAM and windows must be Windows 7 or above
  • For Mac users: OS X 10.11 or aboveĀ 
  • Your PC should support Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

For Advised System

  • The system should have a minimum intel i5 processor with at least 4GB of RAM
  • For Mac: OS X 10.13 or greater
  • Internet speed should be at least 3Mbps

Ways to resolve QuickBooks Online running Slow

1:Close All the Unnecessary tabs

The number of tabs or applications running on your system really affects a lot on your QuickBooks performance. As every tab and every application somewhere takes memory and also your net connection distributes in some ways which may lead to slow in the process. So close all the unnecessary tabs and applications will provide your system and QuickBooks online some relaxation and will run smoothly.

2: Net Speed

Internet connection also plays an important role in slugging your QuickBooks online. As slow speed net will load your page quite slowly and you will face lots of while working on QuickBooks. So always look ay=t your internet connection and try to confirm your net connection speed of minimum 2 Mbps

3: Update your browsers

You must keep your eyes on the update option of your browser as the browser releases update option it always comes with a better speed of the process and better connection with net and this will surely help you in loading your pages of QuickBooks online faster.

4:DIsable Browsers Plugins

Disable all the useless plugins or the plugins you are not using for some time. As many times plugins make many malicious files that insert on your system and make your system slow so you must remember to disable all the plugins you are not using at that time. After disabling all the unwanted plugins you will surely feel the change in QuickBooks sluggishness.

5:Delete Cookies

One thing to remember is that you must clean your cookies and browsing history from time to time as it occupies some spaces and also leads to one of the reasons for the slugging of your system. This makes your system slow and because of that you also face issues in QuickBooks online.

These are some simple tricks or methods for QuickBooks running slow issue. But if you still face issues while in QuickBooks online then you should find a QuickBooks pro advisor to help you as they can provide you the real-time solution for your issue and will be more effective as one error faced by many users but the reasons are different for the different users. So contact the pro advisor and fix your issue with ease.


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