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Do you think you can print T-shirts?

Do you think you can print T-shirts?


The idea of ​​living on T-shirts is always a sure love. I think it started for me in the 1960s, when ties were made literally by tying a white shirt with rubber bands and then dipping it in dyes. The printing technology is very advanced and it is now possible to start a t-shirt business without much investment and even without equipment. Start at least one. Finally, you want to expand your company and do business with it.

There are several online sites like Sizzle that will make a t-shirt that you design and even sell. They have their own shop, as it were, and they put your design in their database for others to see. It’s best to sell your own creations, because database visitors can see other people’s creations than your own. I sold several shirts with it. I think all sales come from my marketing.

There are also ways to do it yourself.

There are heat transfers. You can make them and arrange mass production of t-shirts at home. These transitions are simply ironed into a white T-shirt and the “transition” takes place from one wearer to another. You also have the option of making these 셔츠룸 turn during the sale, which can be useful for many.

 Especially when you started

There are several very cheap kits available for the basic screen printing system. It’s a bit boring for beginners, but it’s doable and worth seeing. Simply put, you have a great screen, like silk material. Take a transparent template and expose it to screen printing. As a result, some parts of the screen let ink through, while others block the ink. What happens is that the ink runs through the shirt where your design requires it. Example of writing or drawing. Intricate shirts are a little harder to make and each color has to be made separately. In the initial phase, this is a time-consuming process. It is possible, but I do not recommend trusting such a company.

At the door you can expand and buy screen printing equipment and start making T-shirts for all occasions. There are screen printing machines that print almost anything. Many of them are common and can also be squeezed into a cup of coffee, opening up more business opportunities.

T-shirt printing is one of the perfect themes

if you have space. Equipment takes up space and if you can manage it, you will also need space to store goods and supplies. Remember, you need a place to store blank, printed shirts. I don’t know about your dreams and what you’re doing right now, but if you’re planning to start a new business, shirt printing can be the perfect way to satisfy yourself and generate income.


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