Home Lifestyle Do you need a nursing pillow?

Do you need a nursing pillow?

Do you need a nursing pillow?

A nursing pillow is not like any other kind of pillow. It should not be so soft that the baby sinks in it. It must not be very rectangular or circular. It should be firm enough that the baby reaches the place where it has to be nursed.  Without the help of the nursing pillow, it will be stressful for the mother, as it may pain her shoulder. Some of the points that one should consider before buying the pillow are

  1. Size – The size of the good nursing pillow can vary. Some mothers prefer a small nursing pillow, while others prefer a more compact one so that it can be transferred from one place to another. These pillows are typically good for traveling. Then there are other kinds of large pillows where twin babies can be accommodated.
  2. Washability- Pillows can be wiped out with a cloth, but if it comes with a slipcover, it is nice because the baby may reflux or spit.
  3. Design – Design of nursing pillows vary. Some are designed with fabric, some are nicely printed or have two-sided designs.

Some of the different types of nursing pillows are listed below:

Classic nursing pillow –This type of nursing pillow is C- shaped and can be wrapped around the waist. Baby can sit here and nicely breastfeed.

Wrap around the nursing pillow –This type of nursing pillow has a proper surface and provision for lumbar support. This is also provided with pockets where one can keep clothes or cell phones. This comes with a slipcover that is washable.

Twin nursing pillow –This type of pillow is comparatively bigger and can accommodate twins. This is meant for simultaneous breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Travel Nursing pillow-This type of pillow is perfect for traveling and is very good for portability. It can also be used as a normal pillow.

Organic nursing pillow– This type of nursing pillow is covered with organic cotton and looks like a bean bag. This type of pillows is designed in such a way that it conforms to the baby’s body position.

 Two-in-one nursing pillow- This type of nursing pillow comes with great versatility. There is a  strap that can fasten the baby to the pillow and can also be used when the baby is not breastfeeding.  This can keep the reclined baby in place.  But this type of pillow does not come with a slipcover.

Firm Nursing pillow-This type of pillow is made of foam and is quite firm in shape. This type of pillow can raise the baby to the tummy height and comes with a washable slipcover.

Adjustable height nursing pillow and large nursing pillow

For mothers who are too tall or too short, adjustable type nursing pillow can help them to a great extent. Large nursing pillows are for mothers who have large breasts. They can rest their elbows and hands-on this pillow.

Whatever is the size or the design of the pillows, it is important that the mother can breastfeed her baby in a perfect position for a longer period without straining her body.


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