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Demat Account: What should you know about it?

Demat Account: What should you know about it?

A demat account is an account that permits investors to hold their shares in the electronic form. It is simply the replacement for holding and trading in tangible share certificates that included a lot of paperwork. As most of the transactions are presently online, an investor can trade in a convenient manner with demat account.

You might have encountered the question like what is demat account right? well, this post is sure to get you a proper information about this account and the way you might get the best of it. actually, you know what, stocks in demat account do stay in dematerialized form, wherein all your stocks get converted from physical to electronic form to enhance the accessibility. Apart from shares, the demat account might also hold bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, gold bonds, and other similar assets with a distinct and unique ISIN number.

Are there any benefits of demat account?

There are many and a few are like:

Reduced Paperwork

All your investments would get held in an electronic form. It would eliminate a chief part of documentation and lessens paperwork.

Secure and safe

A demat account would eliminate all the dangers associated in dealing with physical shares such as physical damage or that of misplacement. Opening a demat account shall surely eliminate all these dangers.

Diminishes Cost

Trading in physical entities might entail higher transactional costs having extra expenses of dealing with charges and stamp duty. A demat account abolishes all these additional charges.

Instant Transactions

Since these accounts are in the electronic form, a demat account would definitely permit quicker transaction, resulting in swift credit for investors.

What services a demat provides?

There are many services and a few are like:

Transfer of shares

A Demat Account gets used to transfer share holdings of an investor. It can get done by using a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) in order to carry out share trading. You can provide all the relevant specifications in this slip for smooth performance and execution of a transaction.

Proper Loan facility

The securities held in your Demat Account might give you access to a diversity of loans from the bank. You can pledge such kinds of securities as a collateral to easily secure a loan from your bank.

Manifold access options

Owing to electronic operation, a Demat Account might get accessed using numerous media. You can carry out investing, trading, monitoring and even that of other security related operations making use of facility of the Internet on a smartphone, computer, or other handheld devices.

Dematerialization and re-materialization

In case you have a Demat Account, then you are in a position to do conversion of the securities into diverse forms. It actually becomes a simple task. You can cater necessary instructions to your depository participant (DP) for the dematerialisation i.e. to attain the physical share certificates converted into electronic form. Conversely, you might get the electronic securities converted back to your physical form as per your needs.


thus, since you know a lot about demat account now, you must become an account holder today!



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