Home Family Health DBS Treatment in India Deep Brain Stimulation- most commonly performed surgical treatment for Parkinson

DBS Treatment in India Deep Brain Stimulation- most commonly performed surgical treatment for Parkinson

DBS Treatment in India Deep Brain Stimulation- most commonly performed surgical treatment for Parkinson

DBS Treatment is a surgical procedure performed for Parkinson disease to help patients to ease the symptoms and also to reduce the medication requirements in few cases. The treatment is not for everyone as it is approved for patients who had Parkinson’s disease for more than four years and those who get a benefit from medication but have motor complications. This treatment works best for patients to reduce motor symptoms counting slowness, tremor as well as stiffness.

Working of Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation works by regulating abnormal electrical signalling patterns in the brain. In the healthy brain of a person, brain cells communicate with each other to control normal movement and other functions by using electrical signals. Signals in the brain of patients with Parkinson’s disease become irregular and uncoordinated which leads to motor symptoms . with the help of deep brain stimulation treatment cells can communicate more smoothly, and the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease lessen. In deep brain stimulation treatment, electrodes are placed in the specific areas of the brain, and wires connect the electrodes with a kind of pacemaker device which is placed under the skin of the chest . After the activation, the pulse generator sends continuous electrical pulses to areas in the brain that are targeted and which helps to modify the brain circuits. The deep brain stimulation system is somewhat similar to a pacemaker for the heart. Also, deep brain stimulation is termed as the pacemaker for the brain.

About Parkinson’s disease

It is a movement disorder that affects the nervous system and becomes worse over time. Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease often begin with a slight tremor in one hand, along with a feeling of stiffness in the body. However, symptoms appear at the age of 60 years or over, and if in case disease develops before 50 years of age, then, it is called as early onset of Parkinson’s disease.

Early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Many people think that the early signs of Parkinson’s are normal signs of ageing, and they ignore them. Keep in mind the treatment of the disease will be more effective if you get it as early as possible. you should consult the specialist to get DBS treatment in India.

  • a tremor in the hands
  • reduced sense of coordination and balance
  • Body posture may change
  • Facial expression becomes fixed
  • a tremor in the voice
  • Handwriting become more cramped and smaller
  • loss of sense of smell
  • Sleep problems and restless legs

Treatment of Parkinson’s disease

The treatment of the condition depends upon their symptoms as there is no standard treatment for it. Treatment options include lifestyle changes, medication, surgical therapy, rest and exercise. The majority of Parkinson’s patients are treated by medicines  to relieve the symptoms of the disease. however, there is no permanent cure for the condition, but there are medications as well as therapies available to manage and reduce symptoms and improve quality of life for patients. Below are some treatment options for Parkinson’s disease:

  • Carbidopa-levodopa – It is one of the most effective treatments for Parkinson’s.
  • Carbidopa-levodopa infusion – in this drug is infused continuously in patients, so the level of the drugs remains constant.
  • Dopamine agonists- this treatment is not as effective as levodopa, but the effects last longer.
  • Deep brain stimulation- This treatment option is used in advanced cases of Parkinson’s disease for patients who no longer respond to levodopa.

How deep brain stimulation treats Parkinson’s disease?

Deep brain stimulation, i.e. DBS is a type of treatment done to relieve neurological symptoms that are linked with Parkinson’s disease counting

  • tremor
  • stiffness and rigidity
  • muscle spasms
  • slowed movement
  • walking problems

Keep a note on that Deep brain stimulation is a serious as well as potentially risky procedure. Even if you are eligible for deep brain stimulation in India, you and your doctors will carefully discuss all the risks and potential benefits of the procedure.

Deep brain stimulation treatment in India helps to treat Parkinson’s disease by delivering electrical impulses to targeted areas of the brain that are responsible for movement symptoms which are the leading cause of the condition. Mainly three regions are targeted in the brain for DBS treatment in patients with Parkinson’s disease. DBS will not cure Parkinson’s disease, but it can lessen symptoms and improve the overall quality of life.


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