Home News Coverage Of The ESPN World Cup From Satellite TV To The Streets

Coverage Of The ESPN World Cup From Satellite TV To The Streets

Coverage Of The ESPN World Cup From Satellite TV To The Streets

During the World Cup in South Africa, ESPN’s coverage network will hit the sidewalk like never before, not only abroad but also in the United States. ESPN representatives will distribute promotional materials such as posters and shows, not only to attract new viewers, but also to reach out to Americans whose country of origin is participating in the 2010 World Cup. .. Ethnic district. Meeting places nationwide. ESPN’s elders are very popular, although many suspect that ESPN’s enthusiastic marketing practices and ongoing efforts are an attempt to win the Olympics and bring them to cable and satellite networks.

He says he is trying to stimulate American interest in the event.

Of course, ESPN does not ignore the South African region and has dispatched more than 300 workers to take over the fort at the center of action. All 64 games of the tournament will be broadcast in HD quality on ESPN and ESPN2 in the United States, and some will also be broadcast on sister television channel ABC. Spanish-speaking fans can watch all matches in high resolution in Univision. The opportunity to report on this event will not only give the channel great fame, but will also bring international recognition to sports fans around the world.

Where can fans watch matches with good friends?

For starters, ESPN’s attack on America’s neighborhoods includes the Greek district of Queens, New York, the Italian neighborhood of San Francisco, the Portuguese outpost of Boston, and the vast South Korean city of Los Angeles. In these areas, networks not only have the opportunity to attract new viewers, but also the opportunity to bridge the gap between US teams and the global sports scene, where the US fan base may be thin. .. Examples of major international athletics competitions where the United States is not particularly absent (at least with fans) are cricket, rugby and, of course, football.

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to watch a match with commentary in your language, visit the ESPN website or listen to ESPN radio in Portuguese, Chinese, German, Greek and Italian. Watch the 해외축구 중계사이트 in Japanese, or Korean. As mentioned above, Spanish-speaking fans can connect to Univision, which has official and exclusive rights to broadcast in Spanish. Recent interest in football has certainly made a name for itself in overseas networks, and ESPN quickly realizes that the depth of the market is beginning to hurt the surface.

American viewers thought they were still in the Olympics, but ESPN seemed to understand the value of the World Cup as an independent entity after recognizing their passion for international football. While US and North American athletics such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and even ice hockey can attract a large audience, programs such as soccer can be adapted to all countries. Managers are having a hard time discussing these numbers.


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