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Cocktail Dresses For Gala Day! Tips To Shop According To Body Shape

Cocktail Dresses For Gala Day! Tips To Shop According To Body Shape

Have a cocktail in your hand and confetti in your style!

When we say, “Cocktail Dresses”, most of your girls imagine a little black dress for your bold and beautiful look. Isn’t it? But the good news is, the modern fashion world presents you a room to play more with your style at cocktails and other formal blowouts. From sexy short to lavish long, strapless to full sleeves, A-line to the sheath, and v-neck to halter – the sky’s the limit!

But how to know which style is right for you? To shop for the most charming yet picture-perfect cocktail dresses for women, the foremost rule is to know the body shape. Let’s talk about that!

Know Your Body Shape

The challenge to catch a cocktail dress is – no one size fits all. Thus, we have come up with a short guide to different body shapes to help women find absolute cocktail & party dresses that fit them fetchingly.

The Hourglass Shape

Perhaps the most desired body type, the hourglass, is characterized by an equal shoulder and hip ratio. Women with an hourglass shape can wear high fitted sexy cocktail dresses unapologetically. Sheath, mermaid, trumpet, and bodycon long cocktail dresses are some of the great alternatives that will highlight your perfect curves, ultimately making you look out of the world.

The Pear Shape

If your lower body is bigger than your upper body, you got that pleasant pear shape! Since it features narrow shoulders, small bust but wide hips and legs, we suggest you go for A-line or fit-and-flare cheap cocktail dresses for a flawless style statement. What’s more? In terms of necklines, halter neck and sleeveless cocktail dresses on sale will highlight your upper body and balance the overall look.

The Inverted Triangle Shape

Contrary to pear shape, women with inverted triangle shape have wide shoulders and bust but slimmer hips. In such a case, cocktail couture with full or quarter sleeves and v-neck can never go wrong. Cherry-picking the short cocktail dresses by triangular-shaped ladies is the best idea. This will emphasise the slimmer legs and hips, thus making you look like Bella of the ball.

The Apple Shape

You own a cute apple shape when you carry more weight around the middle and have ample bust. Instead of hiding your weight with body shapes, shoot for A-line and fit and flare cocktail dresses for weddings and cocktails with a deep v-neck. That will create an illusion and balance your heavy weight. To a little more surprise, the curvy women can also find pretty options in plus size dresses to cut a dash.


Now that you have an idea of the cocktail dresses that best complement your body shape, are you ready to update your wardrobe? Take no time and live up to your fashion dreams for a fetching life.


Catch the cocktail with charm!


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