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Choose your dance shoe well

Choose your dance shoe well

I always loved what Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world.” And in this case I am sure that if it is not the world, at least it will be “The Track”.

Are you aware of the importance (in your dance and in your health) of choosing a good dance shoe?

 Have you noticed that your knees hurt for a while now?

Do you have back pain when you have danced a lot?

“Inappropriate footwear can be dangerous for your feet and your posture, causing pain and/or injury.”

On many occasions, the solution is as simple as making a correct choice of footwear to :

    Dance better.

   Have more balance.

    Protect your joints and your back, and avoid unnecessary injuries.

Sounds like a lie, right? So that’s it!. And to help you in this task, we are going to guide you with a series of “tips” that will make your life easier.

In this first post, we will talk about  ” Latin Dance Shoes ” and specifically, women’s 셔츠룸 shoes.      Many people like you come to doyoubailas asking about this topic. Who starts dancing for the first time, who needs to change, who wants to experiment with a new model,…       Well, here are a few premises before launching to buy:

The most important thing when choosing your Dance Shoes

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner. The “I-start-with-anything-cheap-just-in-case” excuse doesn’t cut it.

What’s more, if you start now, all the more reason you need shoes that help you to the fullest and avoid injuries and discomfort.

The first rule is:  “Don’t put just anything on your feet. Go for quality footwear (which doesn’t have to be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be the bargain of your life either, which already betrays ‘dubious quality’).

Make sure that the materials they are of quality and NEVER plastic, which break, smell terrible and in addition to “cooking” your feet, they can also deform them

Find the model that suits your foot:

Not all models are suitable for all feet. It is important that the dance shoes are to your liking, but always bearing in mind that sometimes the one you like the most is not the one that best suits you.

     There are different lasts depending on the shape and width of your feet.

What is essential is that when you try it on you feel very adapted to the foot and that you notice it very fastened, because if the foot has movement inside the shoe and it is not well adjusted, you can easily sprain your foot and cause an injury.


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