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Chinese Food Boxes Help Your Business Sparkle

Chinese Food Boxes Help Your Business Sparkle

Since the advancement in the field of science and technology, people have become so busy that sparing time for one’s self is almost impossible. One can hardly spare time for eating. Taking time out from our busy and monotonous routine of eating is a rather difficult task. People look for ways to save their time and money. To save their time and money people prefer eating frozen and canned foods rather than making one themselves. Preparing food by heating in a microwave is a rather easy task and is inexpensive too.

Nowadays different food containers are available in the market. These containers are economical, airtight and microwave friendly as well. They keep the food fresh and protect it from contamination as well. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and material. They may be made up of plastic or cardboard. Cardboard boxes are the most common food containers used all over the world. One of the reasons why cardboard boxes are preferred over others is that they can be recycled and are very environment-friendly as compared to the other available options.


Boxes were invented in 1817 in England. They were first used for packaging the same year in Germany. Different boxes are made up of different type of paper for example paperboard, card stock or corrugated fiberboard. The type of product determines the material of the box. Thick cardboard is used in case of heavy material, beautifully designed and colored boxes are used for packing numerous items and different companies personalize their boxes according to their requirement.

The boxes used for packing food are mostly made up of cardboard. These boxes have proven to be very helpful and have found usage in various fields. They are very advantageous as they:

  • Are easily disposable
  • They can be used only once so they prevent the danger of foodborne disease
  • They are lightweight and easy to carry
  • They are sustainable and accommodative
  • They can be recycled easily
  • They can be printed and colored according to the customer’s desire

Chinese food box

These boxes are made up of paper or soft cardboard and are usually used for packing and transporting food. These boxes come with a steel wire which functions as a handle. Chinese boxes are actually made up of the single piece of paper creased into segments and folded to make a box. They are usually coated with plastic or waxes. They were originally invented to carry oysters as they are waterproof. They are mostly white in color and are printed with a pagoda and a “Thank you” usually in red color as Chinese consider red color a symbol of good luck.


The history of these boxes is not very old it dates back to the later 19th century. They were invented by Frederick Weeks in 1894 in Chicago. Oyster was very inexpensive and was very common in the 19th century. As shucking oysters required some expertise, it was common that oyster sellers shucked the oysters and people took these opened oysters home for use in cooked dishes. These boxes were invented to carry the oyster meat as they were easy to carry and provided protection against water as well. These boxes gained popularity after the Second World War as people grew interested in food that could be picked from restaurants and heated at home. These boxes were the ultimate answer for these problems and gained success as soon as they were invented.

These boxes are not common in China, in fact, they are rarely seen in China or Asia instead they are mostly seen in Europe and America. People associate these boxes with China and prefer eating Chinese food like fried rice and lo-mien in them. These boxes are regarded as the representatives of Chinese cuisine even though they are not very common in China.

Why these boxes come in handy

These boxes come in handy and are preferred over all the other alternatives available in the market. Some of their benefits include that they:

  • Are inexpensive and are available at affordable prices
  • Are lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Can support the weight of the food
  • The steel wire handle makes it easy to carry them
  • Can be unfolded and used as a plate
  • They protect the food from contamination as their top can be folded completely to enclose the food
  • Are waterproof and are durable
  • Prevent the risk of foodborne diseases as they cannot be used again and again for carrying food
  • Food can be directly heated in them as they are microwave friendly
  • Keep the food fresh and warm
  • Are mostly white in color but can be printed and colored according to the customer’s desire
  • Are available in different sizes
  • Can be easily purchased from all over the world and are available on the internet also
  • As they are made up of cardboard so they are environment-friendly and can be recycled easily
  • Later they can be utilized for transporting and storing small items
  • Beautifully colored and designed boxes can also be used for exchanging gifts
  • They are considered representatives of Chinese culture and hence are very popular around the world

These boxes are an absolute necessity for restaurants and catering businesses. One of the most widely used food boxes is a Chinese food box. People all over the world prefer these boxes due to their advantages. They are easy to carry and the food can be directly eaten by them. They can certainly make one’s business shine brighter. These attention-grabbing and conspicuous boxes attract the customer’s attention and compel them to enjoy their food in these boxes. People specifically love eating Chinese food in them as it brings them closer to the Chinese culture. These boxes can make one’s business sparkle as they allure customers with their simplicity and beauty.


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