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Changing media with the waves of online streaming

Changing media with the waves of online streaming

The wave of online streaming has made the task of watching live videos and live tv so easy. It is not a delivery method of medium rather it’s the medium of delivering itself. This is the process where the entire file is obtained by the end user before forecasting on any medium, listening or watching. This process is alternative to file downloaded. The users can use media player for playing digital videos. The delivery medium for online streaming are radios, televisions and various streaming applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime videos and Airtel Xstream etc.

Benefits of media ruling online streaming –

Video streaming provides various benefits such as –

  • Easy and convenient
  • High Definition quality content
  • Easy accessible from mobile
  • Completely free from advertisements
  • Wider space for audience 
  • Rich use of content

Key difference between downloading and video streaming –

Downloading and streaming are similar to the extent of functioning. Key difference between downloading and video streaming is that streaming refers to playing the live videos while downloading means storing file in the memory for further use. In downloading data file is not processed again and again. It can be accessed many times from your device. On the other hand, streaming live videos tend to process the data and continuous data charges apply. Downloading is a one time process while video streaming is a data consuming process. The data charges are the reason due to the resolution you set while playing your video. All in all, streaming means consumption of data, one need to have extra data for this purpose. 

Process of carrying out the operation of Live Streaming

The process to carry out the operation of live Streaming by certain points given below –

  • First, the device of the user must connect to the data as well as television.
  • Stream the live content from the channels providing free facility of live content or one may need to get the subscription.
  • The Stream of data is transferred to you through the server. 
  • The user gets the decoding as a  plugin that works as a web browser part.
  • The decoder, content information and server all the three work together for the purpose to watch live shows and broadcasts.

Streaming services benefits to Business through– 

Some of the benefit of streameast live from the business point of view are –

  • When talked about Live Streaming, people get attracted and take much interest that they get a subscription in the channels offering live tv or broadcasts.
  • The content is delivered by the server, hence the delivery of the content is quick by the business to the users.
  • When people get in touch of the quality, technology of enhanced feature then business earns the loyalty and brand goodwill with the passing time.
  • The important point about business, it reaches the level where the business can reach for the end user in much higher rate.

Apps for online streaming –

Today, the market is bundled with many applications for the purpose of Live Streaming. All these apps contains extremely high quality content and is really worth. Some apps are mentioned below –

  • Netflix an over the top media – It is much in demands by the users, it allows 4 people to share screen with the same I’d.
  • Amazon Prime Videos – After Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos is ranked. The subscription rate can be preferred by the user as one wants.
  • Hotstar, ALTBalaji, Zee 5, Voot, SonyLIVE and Viu are some trending apps available in the market. Viewers can enjoy the live streaming either free or with subscriptions according to the application.


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