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CBD Gummies but Vegan – Still Delicious and More Nutritious!

CBD Gummies but Vegan – Still Delicious and More Nutritious!

Yummy! Gummies are something we all like to have every now and then. And just like there are ordinary gummies in all kinds of delicious flavors, there are CBD gummies too for CBD lovers in many flavors.

Cannabis is a popular psychedelic plant known for its therapeutic benefits, such as relief from pain, depression, anxiety and so on. Thus, many people are starting to find different ways of consuming it. While many go for smoking initially, or vaping, many prefer CBD edibles, particularly gummies as a safe and sound method of getting CBD into their system. 

CBD Gummies in vegan

CBD gummies in vegan are made by replacing gelatin with an alternative ingredient such as agar powder so as to create and maintain the gelatinous texture of gummies.

As with all the CBD products, CBD gummies in the UK can be made from three types of CBD – full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate.

  • Full spectrum CBD products generally include all the cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds in the hemp plant, including THC. (THC is prohibited in the UK.)
  •  Broad spectrum CBD products contain all the cannabinoids of the cannabis or hemp plant they come from, except THC.
  • CBD isolated products contain nothing but CBD in its purest form as other cannabinoids, natural terpenes, and flavonoids are all refined away. 

How to Select the Best CBD Gummies?

Selecting the best CBD edibles gummies that are vegan depends on factors including:

  • the CBD type (broad or full spectrum), 
  • strength (CBD content), & 
  • ingredients (not gelatin, artificial coloring agents, natural sugars and other preservatives)

What’s the best CBD gummies for sale in the UK?

I’ve tried a number of different CBD brands at this point. Among them, Paso, a new CBD brand in the UK that offers dozens of CBD products at attractive prices. Originally I was a fan of their CBD gummies (not vegan!) that comes in apple and blueberry, but they’ve recently released a vegan alternative that is much more of a candy. Where their CBD gummies are non vegan is more like a healthy fruit snack, their CBD gummies in vegan are more like a fruit pastel. Each contains 20 mg of broad spectrum CBD, making them much stronger than most with no underlying hemp flavor. And boy are they delicious!

I wasn’t even surprised to find out that their CBD edible gummies were the winner of the edible award in 2019. 

So, for all you CBD gummies fans here in the UK, if you want to taste the best CBD gummies in vegan, do not forget to check the Paso CBD gummies for sale.


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