Home Business How To Keep Your Cake Safe And Fresh For A Long Time With Cardboard Cake Boxes?

How To Keep Your Cake Safe And Fresh For A Long Time With Cardboard Cake Boxes?

How To Keep Your Cake Safe And Fresh For A Long Time With Cardboard Cake Boxes?

Cakes are vital in celebrations like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, and corporate achievements. As a result, people become irresistible to give them a byte. However, no one likes eating a stale piece of cake. However, you can keep the cakes fresh and preserved for a longer duration using cardboard cake boxes. Cardboard material has specific characteristics that help meet this need.

Meanwhile, these boxes also help keep the cake safe during shipping. There are some creative approaches by which you can achieve both of these goals. So, let’s know how you can keep your cakes fresh and safe using these innovative boxes.

Enhance Wall Thickness Of Cardboard Cake Boxes:

The thickness and quality of the cardboard have a vital significance in protecting the cakes. A cardboard cake box with a fragile sheet cannot resist the rising temperature. Meanwhile, watching the cakes from external hot temperatures is necessary to preserve the frosting from getting melted. Therefore, the best practice to keep the cake in its baked condition is to enhance the thickness of the box walls. You can do it by using the E-flute or double-layer cardboard. A double layer of the fluted cardboard will insulate the box and maintain a specific temperature inside. On the other hand, it will provide extra durability to the box that can create a resistance to the physical influencing factors. The base of the box will also become intense, which raises the weight carrying capacity of the packaging.

Eliminate The Open Gaps In The Packaging:

Never leave any box parts open that could expose the cakes to extreme atmospheric conditions. Some boxes have loose lids or join from the walls. These open spaces could affect the freshness of cakes. Therefore, get optimized and well-manufactured cardboard boxes for cake having no such loophole. Bacteria could easily pass through even narrow spaces. So choose a design that offers no gaps to such influencing factors. Bacteria can cause biological reactions that can lead to food poisoning.

Moreover, ants and other insects are also attracted to the sweeteners like cakes. Removing all gaps will make it difficult for such insects to reach the cakes because of their smell. Meanwhile, it prevents dust and moisture from passing through walls that preserve cakes for longer. Therefore, always buy cupcake boxes with a perfect closure.

Get Custom Boxes For Exact Cake Sizes:

Another worth-considering factor in this regard is the size of boxes for cakes. This factor is precisely much crucial for the protection of cakes. Cakes come in different sizes and weights. Using the same size box for all types of cakes has ample chances of damage to the cakes. The reason behind it is the free movement in case of a small size cake in a large size box. Making a safe delivery would become problematic as it would collide with the packaging walls during transportation. Therefore, it is better to get these boxes in different sizes for multiple types of cakes. It will restrict the free movement of cakes inside the box and ultimately result in a perfect delivery. Several online firms are providing the cake boxes for sale in custom sizes. Share your requirements with either of the firms and get an ideal package.

Apply Finishes To The Packaging:

What about opting for an intelligent approach that could provide some other benefits and ensure the freshness of cakes? The use of fancy finishes over the boxes for cupcakes or patties is a brilliant move. In addition, you can opt for multiple coatings over the external surface to make the boxes waterproof. This clever method creates an effective barrier against humidity. The higher moisture level is a common problem in northwest parts of Australia because of the Pacific Ocean. The continuous impact of the moisture weakens a box and makes it unable to carry a handsome weight. Some popular coatings you can use are gloss, matte, spot UV, and matte UV. Moreover, polyurethane and lacquer spray are safe options to make the cardboard waterproof. An additional benefit of using these coatings is the attraction of the custom printed design.

Minimize Repeated Lid Opening With Windows:

A common phenomenon that often reduces the preservation time is continuous exposure to the outer environment. Bakeries have to remove the lid to show buyers the aesthetics of delicious cakes that can make their events memorable. The use of bulk cupcake boxes with windows is the perfect method to meet this need while making a value addition. Special transparent sheets are installed inside these windows. These sheets make it easy for buyers to see the inside items. Therefore, there would be no further need to remove the lid every time for visiting the inside cakes. A buyer could go through all of the displayed cakes and quickly decide. This ease of decision-making in a short time also plays a role in boosting sales.

Handles Addition For Safe And Rapid Shipping:

The discussed methods of making these boxes safe for cakes and maintaining their freshness are best to build a brand image. But, using a cake box with a handle is one such method that also brings ease for buyers. They could easily carry the heavy cakes without the fear of dropping from a height. Furthermore, the addition of handles fastens the shipping process. A buyer can reach the destination fast without taking the extra measure. This quick delivery will also benefit the cakes to the desired destination while they are fresh. You can buy cake boxes with the addition of handles from any online marketplace. However, I prefer to buy from one more experienced in providing such solutions.

Implementing these techniques in the cardboard cake boxes to maintain their freshness and ensure safety will raise the public image. You can achieve the set goals in the short term as a startup bakery business. People remember the bakeries that provide them with such special treatment and consider them for future purchases.


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