The market is saturated with various kinds and types of rings, made from precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, rhodium among others. Recently another kind of metal has been gaining popularity as an excellent option for rings. Tungsten rings are being preferred more and more like a sturdy alternative against conventional rings.

Tungsten rings are much safer than bands from other metals. They have a lesser allergic reaction to the skin as compared to gold and silver. There are various pros to wearing tungsten rings.

Therefore, many jewellers will educate you on the rings before you decide to invest in a tungsten ring. It’s better to know whether it is an appropriate choice for you or not.

Some of the Advantages of Buying a Tungsten Ring Are:

  • A tungsten ring will never bend. Even after experiencing blunt force, the ring will always retain its shape. In case of an accident or critical situation, tungsten rings might crack but it will never bend, preventing any damage to the finger.
  • Tungsten is the most scratch-resistant metal that exists. The ring will not scratch even after continuous polishing or filing.
  • Tungsten rings are highly durable and long-lasting. Since tungsten is a very strong metal with its aforementioned scratch-resistant quality, the ring will look as good as new even after decades of use.
  • Tungsten is a hypoallergenic metal. Sometimes people allergies on the skin after wearing jewelry from gold, silver or other metals. With tungsten, allergies will never happen. Those people can readily opt for tungsten jewelry.
  • Tungsten rings are much easier to remove in case of emergency situations or surgery. Unlike gold rings that can be hard to remove from the finger, tungsten rings can be taken off without much effort.
  • Tungsten is heavier than most other metals due to its high density. It is harder than titanium alloys, making it very difficult to damage, except under extreme conditions.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Tungsten Rings Are:

  • A tungsten ring cannot be resized. It would be sensible to ask your jeweler if you can get a lifetime warranty on your ring in case it needs to be resized.
  • Tungsten jewelry can be found of various standards and quality. There are two kinds of metals mixed with tungsten – cobalt, and nickel. You need to keep in mind that cobalt mixed tungsten will leave a greenish stain on your skin. When buying tungsten jewelry make sure you get the one with nickel.

Why Should You Choose a Tungsten Ring?

Considering the numerous benefits of buying a tungsten ring, there is no gainsaying that tungsten carbide rings make an excellent choice for those looking for a reasonable, sturdy, and long-lasting ring.

For many people, they often find a lot of scratches and dents on their jewelry. Getting these polished and buffered is an additional expense on top of the maintenance costs. Thus, we at tungsten jewelers, suggest you choose tungsten carbide rings. It is one of the most durable metals in the world and is revolutionizing the jewelry making business.

Apart from these pros, tungsten carbide is the hardest metal and is even heavier than 18k gold. It is 5 times harder than steel and 4 times as hard as titanium.

Tungsten rings are a one-time investment since these rings rarely show signs of any wear and tear making them look shiny and new for a very long period of time. The hypoallergenic quality makes it highly wearable, even for older people and children, people with sensitive or combined skin types.

How to Find the Right Size For the Tungsten Ring?

The best way to find the right size for your tungsten ring is to get your finger professionally measured at the jewelry store. Since tungsten rings are made in comfort-fit sizes, it is advisable to try on a few rings to get a perfect size. If you’re comparing the size with a band you are currently wearing, then first ask if your band is a comfort-fit ring or not.

Comfort-fit rings are curved on the inner side so that less ring surface touches your skin. Therefore, for the same ring size, a comfort-fit ring would be one size larger than a straight fit ring. If you are currently wearing a straight-fit ring, then you need to order half or one size smaller tungsten carbide ring.

Another way to size your ring properly is by getting a ring sizer from the jeweler if you want to size yours or someone else’s rings.


Tungsten rings are definitely a worthy alternative to traditional metal rings made of gold, silver, etc. they are cheaper, low maintenance, and sturdy. If you want to shift from the conventional ring to something more stylish and modern, then tungsten rings are for you. Larson Jewelers is a leading tungsten jewelry designer making chic, modish tungsten rings.


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