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5 Tips to Buy Hardwood Logs for Commercial Use

5 Tips to Buy Hardwood Logs for Commercial Use

Are you looking for hardwood logs for sale in NSW to serve commercial purposes? If yes, don’t trust any random firewood supplier because businesses need an uninterrupted supply of high-quality firewood. Small merchants and alternative sources like sawmills or arborist agencies cannot serve the purpose. You need someone highly reliable as well as economical too. When it comes to ordering firewood in bulk, always remember that you have the advantage of bargaining. In the points below, I am going to guide you with some tips to buy high-quality firewood for commercial use at affordable rates. 

Buying firewood for commercial use 

  • Search for big suppliers 

Always search for big firewood suppliers while making an investment. Call them to ask for the available stock quantity and their contacts with other businesses currently business buying commercial firewood. Small suppliers accept big orders for high-profit margins but fail to fulfill them later especially during the peak season. 

  • Consider both online and offline options 

Don’t forget to consider both online and offline sources of firewood when it comes to shopping for commercial purposes.  Some local merchants may also offer you attractive deals. However, online suppliers mostly have better discount offers. 

  • Use bargaining skills 

Don’t forget to use your bargaining skills while searching for hardwood logs for sale in NSW. A large number of online suppliers are available to give you discount offers on bulk orders. Contact every possible supplier, get quotes and compare the price before finalizing. Your bargaining skills can help in making a big difference in the annual budget.

  • Strict quality control

Make sure that the firewood supplier is maintaining strict quality control measures.  There should be no inferior quality softwood in the stock because commercial units need consistency of heat while working.  Make a list of all firewood species that you are expecting from a particular supplier.  If they are not able to meet the requirement, you should be free to return or replace the stock.

  • Supply consistency agreement

The merchants offering hardwood logs for sale should also maintain consistency in supply. Whether it is peak season or off-season,  there should be no issue with the supply chain. Large suppliers also have contacts with small merchants to meet the need in an emergency. Moreover, they can also provide extra firewood near you if you need it. 

Make sure that the firewood you are buying is ethically sourced. In order to make sure,  do some research on the locally available wood species approved by authorities for fuel use. Seasoning must be among your primary priorities while receiving the order every time.  It is advisable to keep a moisture meter for checking the seasoning quality firewood. Randomly select some logs from every stock to check that the moisture is below 20%. If there is any kind of issue regarding quality, easy options of return, replacement, and contract end should be available. 


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