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Bruce Weber Offers Important Photo Editing Tips

Bruce Weber Offers Important Photo Editing Tips

A modern photographer needs to be versatile. Knowing different skills helps in brand building and success gaining. From social media promotion skills to speaking skills, a photographer needs to know a lot to stand out these days. If one thinks that just by clicking amazing photos one will be able to get expensive gigs, one is mistaken. A photographer does not only have to hone photography skills but also needs to know photo editing. Of course, there are professional photo editors who can transform a photograph with ease. But the problem is – a beginner may not have the money to afford an editor. For this reason, one needs to perform the initial photo editing without professional help.

Bruce Weber On Photo Editing

Bruce Weber is a famous photographer with a reputation to be creative with the camera. Bruce started his career as an art photographer with a critical eye for details. With time, Bruce started commercial photography and earned his success from it. Earlier when photo shootings were done with traditional cameras, one did not need to know photo editing. But this is the era of digitalization and photographers use digital cameras to take their photos. Therefore, photographers need to know how to edit their photos before posting them on social media. If photo editing seems baffling, here is a quick list of tips to follow.

Image Cropping

Anyone who wants to get started with photo editing needs to know how to crop images. This is the key lesson one can invest time in learning. Even if a photographer does not know anything about photo editing, the photographer must know about image cropping. It is the most basic editing skill which everyone needs time and again. By cropping a photo, one can make it look more polished. Cropping helps make a photo look straighter and more professional. However, Bruce says it is better to use cropping sparingly. To look more professional one should crop only the minor errors. A large cropping will make a photo look unnatural.

Another essential editing skill that a photographer needs is – photo cleaning skills. Sometimes photographers need to spot-clean their photos before posting on social media. Some editing applications offer immediate editing tools. An aspiring photographer needs to know how to use these tools to be safe.

Balancing Skill

To edit a photo and make it look professional, one needs to know how to balance the color level. Usually, photographers end up trying to balance the exposure level when getting started with photography. Sometimes photographs come out with a touch of the unpleasant tone of colors. In this situation, a photographer needs to know how to balance the tone. Without this knowledge, one will end up paying a hefty amount of money to photo editors which might not be possible at the initial stage.

Exposure & Contrast

Knowing how to adjust composure is an essential skill that every photographer regardless of the photography industry needs to know. As per Bruce Weber, one should not stop at composure balancing skill. One needs to know how to adjust contrast as well. It is the easiest way to transform the look of a photograph.


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