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Birthday Gifts For A New Wife

Birthday Gifts For A New Wife

Many husbands are eager to give their wives the perfect gift. This is especially true of the new husband who may be trying to impress his new girlfriend. There are several gift ideas that a husband can give his new wife that will not only please keep her wanting birthday gift for wife after marriage for years to come.


A new wife can be given one pearl for every year the couple has been together. For example, a husband who has been dating engaged and married for three years can give his wife three pearls. The promise of a single pearl can be made for each year that the husband and wife are together. The husband can also give the wife a necklace, bracelet or ring with her birthstone and the birthstone of any children she may have.

Home furniture

Many newlyweds will receive wedding gifts of small appliances, towel sets, baking items and cookbooks. A husband may give his new wife items that were not received at the wedding. This could include a bedroom set, furniture, rugs, or a large kitchen appliance. A woman who doesn’t enjoy the inner side of life can also be given a gift certificate for maid service or a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant.

Romantic dinner

The new husband can plan a romantic candlelight dinner for the two of them. She can serve her new spouse his favorite foods and drinks on good china or crockery then to romantic music. He can also cook, serve and clean up after meals by himself. Dinner can be followed by a candlelight dance in the living room, a trip to a favorite romantic movie, or a walk on the moon.

Pampering gifts

A husband can give his birthday gift for husband after marriage that will allow her to treat herself. This can include a basket filled with her favorite perfumes, body lotions, body wash, a pair of slippers and a comfortable robe. He can treat his new wife to a luxurious day at the spa with a facial, pedicure and manicure.


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