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Bet Nobody Told You The Origins of Your Perfectly Balanced Assorted Black Tea

Bet Nobody Told You The Origins of Your Perfectly Balanced Assorted Black Tea

Can you guess which beverage sells around 3.7 billion cups every day and approximately 3.8 gallons every year?

It’s tea! The most consumed beverage in the world. Also known as chai, this beverage has accounted for a fanbase all over the world. Inspired by the Indian Traditional Masala Chai, the black tea leaves come with many flavorful assortments, including sharp cloves and cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

So if you are planning to sell tea, and if you do it right, you know you might be just around hitting the jackpot! According to your business, you can sell your tea in tea bag varieties of loose black tea leaves, but wouldn’t you want to know the origin of your bulk black tea with organic herbs?

To sell tea, you need to go into the depths and the complex structure of the assorted black tea leaves.

The four of these steps transform the tea into a dark, full-bodied infusion in the cup 

Wither: The fans are used to push and pull the air on the tea leaves, and it is left to wither for 10-14 hours. Today the process of withering is done inside to monitor the air circulation carefully. The moisture loss achieved under the right humidity is essential to create the desired flavor of the final tea. 

Roll: The oxidation process results in the assorted black tea’s color and flavor. The cells walls of the tea leaves are broken, which takes approximately 5-60 minutes. In the process, the tea releases its enzymes and essential oils into the air that results in their flavorful taste. 

Oxidize: Once activated, the tea is made to rest for up to eight hours of oxidation. The leaves turn from green to golden brown at this stage. The oxidation occurs at room temperature, and this process continues until the leaves are dried under heat. 

Dry: The leaves are placed in the dryer for finally finishing, once it sufficiently reacts with the air. The heat stops the oxidation process and locks the qualities at the right temperature. The temperature ranges from 80-90 degrees and is approximately applied for half an hour.

So this is what it takes to make a beautiful, perfectly balanced cup of one cup of tea. Going through this process is important for any tea to maintain its aroma and remove any bitterness. The process might be the same, but the flavor might differ for several reasons. Do not commit to a single wholesaler before trying the tea. The best organic herbal teas offer you samples and are consistent in their commitment. 

Meanwhile, we wish you all the luck with your new venture. May you brew a hundred cups every day.



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