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Best Entertaining Outdoor Games for Kids

Best Entertaining Outdoor Games for Kids

There are so many outdoor games for kids that it’s hard to pick just one. There are endless variations of games that are suitable for all ages, including Jumping over ropes, Ladder ball, Kickball, and Football.

Here are some of the most fun games for your kids. These are guaranteed to get your kids up and moving! And don’t worry if you’re not the sportiest parent, there’s plenty of ways to keep them entertained as well!

Jumping over ropes

This game involves jumping over a rope. Participants must jump into the rope one at a time, but they can choose how many times they jump. Kindergarteners can jump once while the first and second grades can jump twice. If they miss a turn, they must start over at kindergarten. One advantage to jumping over ropes is that it’s an excellent way to burn some energy. Jumping over ropes can also be an effective way to develop math skills, as well.

This game can be played with a large group of children. To start, two people hold the ends of the rope. Kids line up in line and wait their turn to jump over the rope. The rope can either be stationary or swinging slightly. Repeat this process until the water level of the rope becomes too high. Jumping over ropes can be a challenging activity for children, but is a great way to encourage social interaction between teammates.

Ladder ball

Playing ladder ball is fun for the entire family. It is easy to set up and play. Ladders are made of varying heights, which makes it easy to adjust for varying ages. Ladder toss is a simple game with a simple scoring system. To get started, check out a ladder toss guide from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

You should make sure to set up your ladder ball safely. If you drop the ladder ball, your child could injure themselves. The best way to prevent this is to use a ladder ball, which is specifically designed to keep the ladders stable when they are being moved. The ball will also prevent ladder damage. Make sure to install your ladder ball set appropriately. A set of ladder balls from Amazon will cost around $70.

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Kickball is the perfect outdoor game for kids of any age. The kids will enjoy running and kicking the ball. The harder the kick, the farther the ball goes, and the chaos that ensues when trying to catch one of your kids is priceless. Kickball is an excellent activity for the summer, and parents can even host kickball tournaments with their kids. Listed below are some of the best outdoor games for kids.

The rules of the game are simple and easy to understand. Players begin by going in single file at home plate. Then, they must circle all bases once, counterclockwise and clockwise, before scoring. The last player to touch home plate is out. This is the winning team. When everyone has a turn kicking, they can switch roles or run crazy. The goal is to collect as many balls as you can before the other team does.


Outdoor games like Football can keep your kids entertained and improve their catching and throwing skills. The most basic version of the game can be played by kids of all ages, and there are several variations to play that can add excitement to the game. Depending on your child’s age, you can also play different levels of competition. Here are a few ideas. All are sure to keep your kids entertained and active for hours.

Water gun battles

The simplest way to add water gun battles to your next event is to arm participants with plastic spray bottles. Using these bottles, you can set up teams to “tag” one another. The team whose t-shirt is the driest at the end wins. Water gun battles can be quite fun and are an excellent way to increase the excitement level of any party. If you’re not sure how to get started, you can buy a water gun and target vests at Amazon.

Another great way to make water gun battles more fun is to hang beach balls from a tree branch. Using a water gun, the kids can try to knock down these balls using their own or a neighbor’s. You can also hang the balls from a roof or a tree branch. Another great idea is to mark the beach balls with different point values – the higher the value, the harder it is to hit them.

Corn hole

If you’re looking for one of the most enjoyable games for kids to play outside, then look no further than corn hole. This classic game is played with two or four people and involves setting up a few basic components. To start, you will need two wooden boards with holes at their centers and four bean bags. To play cornhole, players take turns tossing the bean bags into the hole. Each player earns three points for each bag that goes through the hole and one point for every bean bag that hits the board. You can also find lightweight portable cornhole sets that can be played at the park or beach.

If you’d like to play this game outdoors, you’ll need two boards with holes. The boards should be at least three feet apart. Make sure that there isn’t any tall grass on either side, as that could cause tripping hazards. Also, check that the boards are level, as uneven pitches can result in injuries and lost bean bags. Once you’ve set up your game area, you’ll need to gather the bean bags and get out the cornhole boards!


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