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Benefits Of Having Parallel Kitchen Layout

Benefits Of Having Parallel Kitchen Layout

Since the kitchen is one of the important spaces, the kitchen design you choose for your home will have a huge impact on your life. Many people still have traditional kitchen designs in homes. These kitchens focus only on the basic necessities. However, gone are the days when kitchens were only for cooking. Modular kitchen designs offer you plenty of space for storage and prep work as well. Further, they are more aesthetically appealing as well. There are different modular kitchen designs available as well. Depending on your choice and the space available, you can choose any design.

The parallel kitchen design is one of the most popular options among homeowners. One of the biggest advantages of this option is that you can choose it for both small modular kitchens and large modular kitchens. There are two separate platforms against walls running parallel to each other. Both the platforms can be used for storage, installing appliances, and various other purposes. If you are not sure about choosing a parallel kitchen design for your home, here are a few benefits that should convince you:

01 of 05 Sufficient storage space is available

Unlike other kitchen designs like an L-shaped design, platforms on both sides are equally long. Hence, you get more space for storage space. While one side can be left for cooking and prepping, the other side can be dedicated to storage only. This will allow you to create a more organised storage space. From drawers and cabinets to shelves, you can choose various storage options for the kitchen interiors. In case you need additional storage space in your modular kitchen design, you can build cabinets all the way to the ceiling on both sides. This will allow you to increase storage space without occupying additional floor space.

02 of 05 Perfect for creating the golden triangle

All interior designers tend to follow a few golden rules when designing homes. Creating the golden triangle in the kitchen is one of the common rules they follow. According to the golden triangle rule, you should place the three most important elements in your kitchen (the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink) in a manner that the pathway between these three forms a triangle. Since people use these three items the most in a kitchen, they should be close to each other and you should be able to move to these places without any obstruction. People with small modular kitchenscan benefit from this kitchen design a lot as there are higher chances of getting obstructed in small kitchens.

03 of 05 Sufficient countertop space

If you want to cook in your kitchen in an organised manner, you will require sufficient countertop space. Many people often complain about not having sufficient countertop space because they cannot organise the ingredients and prepare them properly. Since most of the essential tasks in a kitchen are done on the countertops, adequate countertop space is very essential. Since there are two platforms running parallel in a parallel kitchen design, you will get sufficient countertop space for all your culinary activities.

04 of 05 A space-efficient option

If you have a small home, you have to make use of space very efficiently to design a functional and aesthetically appealing home design. Since you have to store a lot of items in your kitchen, a small modular kitchen can get very crowded if not designed properly. Compared to other modular kitchen designs, parallel kitchen designs prove to be more useful in small spaces, especially in areas. The lack of width does not affect this kitchen design as it makes use of the length more effectively. Besides providing you with sufficient space to store all the kitchen essentials, it also offers room to move freely in the kitchen. Hence, you will be smoothly able to carry out all the necessary tasks in your kitchen.

05 of 05 Offers plenty of customisation options

When designing your modular kitchen, you should always prioritise your requirements. As a result, you will be able to design a kitchen that caters to all your needs. A parallel kitchen design offers plenty of customisation options to homeowners. This helps to design a kitchen that suffices all their needs. If more space is available lengthwise, the parallel kitchen design can be designed to make use of the space properly as well. Moreover, you can get customised storage as well. Besides drawers, cabinets, and shelves, there are many smart storage solutions you can choose to create more storage in the limited amount of space available. Further, you also get the option of choosing different colours, shapes, and designs so that you can get a kitchen design that reflects your personality.


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