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Are Hot Tub Test Strips Accurate?

Are Hot Tub Test Strips Accurate?

Occasionally testing the water chemistry in your hot tub is not really required but a healthy habit to cultivate. With the availability of Hot tub test strips easily in the market, most spa owners or families are using this for the testing of the water chemistry. They prefer to use it as it is one of the quickest and easiest ways of finding out the different types of chemicals that need to be added to the pool to keep the water fresh, clean, and healthy for usage daily. There are scores of other ways to test The water chemistry in your pool water or your hot tub, your Jacuzzi. However, using hot tub test strips remains one of the primary ways of testing it. But think about it, how accurate do you think hot tub water test strips are?

The pros of using water test strips? 

The key benefits and advantages of using a hot tub test strip are how easy they are to use. in a matter of 15 seconds, able to ascertain what is required for the water to be balanced. Neither do you have to worry about taking a sample of the water to the local spa dealer? 

These hot up test strips are perfect for those with plenty of hot tub spares, jacuzzi tubs, and like to use hot tub accessories. You can easily get a packet of 50 test strips for a short amount of $10. On days with sales, This pricing dips even further. However, being cheap or inexpensive doesn’t determine if they’re accurate. 

Although not as accurate as the test your hot tub dealers will perform with the water sample provided to them, the results are often more accurate than any liquid testing kits. Is there a new requirement for a reagent measurement – these strips are essentially foolproof? They’re able to test several different levels in a matter of the same time. In fact, quite a few money test strips offer several different separators on one single piece of paper. You will get the results of a pH balance and total alkalinity, chlorine content, bromine, and even the totality of the hardness of the water. In fact, the strips can also measure the level of cyanuric acid, Phosphates, total dissolved solids, and so much more.

Some of the cons of using these water test strips

Although they are accurate, they can also be unstable if they are not stored in a proper manner. Exposing the strips to moisture or for long periods of direct hitting sunlight could render them useless in the long run. They also come with an expiry date which one needs to be very careful about. Therefore even though extremely accurate, it will not make sense to stock up on them in case of a new sale that goes on. The lighting conditions could affect the comparison of the colours on the strips to the chart of the colours on the packaging, thereby giving an inaccurate result if under specific lighting conditions. 

These are a few of the things that you need to know when it comes to the accuracy of using hot tub test strips within your jacuzzi tub or your swimming pool.


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