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Apply lipstick perfectly for beautiful lips

Apply lipstick perfectly for beautiful lips

It has been years since lipstick has been an essential component of makeup. It has also become a vital fashion accessory that every woman uses it. Lipstick has become the go-to make up for many women. Lipstick is available in many varieties, and you can get it in many leading stores.

You can also buy lipstick online, where there are many lipsticks displayed along with their descriptions, and you can choose the one that best suits you.

The art lies in applying the lipstick correctly. Lipstick looks good when used properly. So, if you are struggling to master applying lipstick, here are a few tips for making your lipstick look perfect on you.

Let us see a few tips to apply lipstick perfectly. Also, try out the faces Canada lip crayon to make it easy for you to apply lipstick.

To being with, a few items that you need are:

  • A lip balm or condition that nourishes your lips
  • A lip liner
  • Concealer
  • Compact powder
  • Lipstick of your choice

Apply the following steps:

  • The first step that you need to prepare your lips before applying lipstick. All you need is to hydrate your lips by using a nourishing lip balm so that your lips remain soft and healthy. Also, you can apply a lip primer so that the colour stays long.
  • The next step you need to take care of is to apply a base on your lips. Having a base prevents any discoloration or an uneven lip tone. Your lipstick must have a base so that it sits on it correctly. Applying base also ensures that your lipstick does not sink to your lips. For a lip base, go for a concealer shade that matches your lip colour. Also, dab a little of the concealer using a flat brush to get a beautiful look. Once you have applied the base, apply some compact to seal the base and help for long-lasting lip colour.
  • Once you are done with nourishing your lip and applying a base, the next step is to use a lip liner. For a natural lip line, use a good lip liner to define and shape your lips for a perfect look. A good lip liner makes the lip contours perfect and achieves a precise and polished look. All you need is to trace over the lip line by going from one corner to another using the liner that compliments your skin tone. To project your cupid’s bow on your upper lip and beneath your cupid’s bow, create an ‘X’ shape. See that you use a liner having a smooth texture to apply easily.
  • Once the lip liner is done, the next step is to apply lipstick. Choose the lipstick that best suits you. Take some lipstick on to the lip brush and spread it evenly all over your lips. Ensure that you do not miss the lips’ inner corners and apply it within the turns of your lined lips. First, apply the lipstick coat by coat and then intensify the colour as per your choice. If the lipstick is of good quality, then one coat would be sufficient. In case you have dry lips, avoid using matte lipstick as it tends to dry the lips. For dry lips, go for a moisturizing lipstick that would condition your lips as well. If you have a thinner side, avoid using dark colours as it tends to make the lips look smaller.
  • Once you are done applying lipstick, the last step is to include a definition. All you need to have definition is to use a small concealer blush and work on your edges to get the lip shape correct. This is optional, but if you require a pouty look on your lips, you can include a small amount of lip gloss.

Now, you have the basic ideal to apply lipstick perfectly, you can also apply lipstick without using a lip liner. You can also use your ring finger by rubbing it with the lip colour and press this finger gently on your lips. Then make use of a lip brush to complete the look.


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