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An Ultimate Baby Skincare Guide to Follow Amid Lockdown

An Ultimate Baby Skincare Guide to Follow Amid Lockdown

With most of the world in coronavirus quarantine, we have all been cooped up inside our homes for a long time now. And while the world outside looks uncertain and gloomy, we ought to look at the silver lining to get through these tough times. Indeed, thanks to the quarantine, you have no office to rush to daily in the mornings and no social obligations to meet in the evenings. This means that you have more time on your hands now to keep your baby happy and nourished.

Giving your baby a well-rounded skincare is intrinsic to their happy and healthy growth. There’s quite nothing like the soft, delicate skin of a baby. Unfortunately, it also means that the baby’s skin is more vulnerable to diaper rashes, eczema, or any other skin condition. This is usually caused by exposure of the skin to harmful chemicals which makes the baby uncomfortable and cranky.

While there are so many newborn baby products out there, only few brands such as goodness.me offer certified organic and organic products; they are devoid of chemicals, dyes, artificial fragrances and all other nasties that can cause skin irritation, rashes, dryness, and chafing. As a general rule of thumb, certified organic and organic products are beneficial for people across all ages. But when it comes to little ones, the reasons are especially compelling. Natural skincare is all it takes to keep your baby’s skin healthy, soft, and nourished.

Having said that, let us take you through the ultimate baby skincare guide to follow amid this lockdown:

Resist the urge to bathe your baby way too often

Bathing your baby too often, (more than thrice a week), especially during the first week of their birth, washes away the natural oils that act as a protective barrier on their skin. This may make your baby’s skin vulnerable, dry, and aggravate eczema. Giving your baby a sponge bath with a certified organic care baby body wash will keep your baby safely clean. For those with the cords still attached, a sponge bath once a week (or even less) is enough. Make sure you do not use any scented products that can irritate their delicate skin.

Wash baby’s clothes before they’re worn

It may be tempting to skip the wash when you have brand new, just unpacked baby clothes at your disposal. But you never know for how long they have been kept in storage collecting mildew and dust. Most of the baby clothes are also sprayed with formaldehyde to keep that fresh look before they are shipped. If you do not want these chemicals and irritants on your baby’s skin, you must wash and disinfect them first. Doing this also softens the fabric and makes it ideal to put on their delicate skin.

Dealing with newborn’s dry skin condition

Eczema, or dry skin condition, can show up as itchy, red, crusty rashes mostly on the scalp and face, behind the knees and at the elbows. To prevent the same, minimise the use of harsh soaps and keep bath time short. Ensure that your baby wears only soft, clean clothing, preferably in cotton fabric. Apply a good moisturiser such as goodness.me certified organic babylotion that is free from chemicals and leaves your baby’s skin soft and supple. Go for a prescription treatment if required.

Keeping diaper rashes at bay

Extended exposure to the irritating wetness of a soiled diaper causes diaper rash. A rash might also develop due to yeast infection or bacteria. To prevent diaper rashes, you must check the diaper at short intervals and change it when required. Wash the diaper area with a mild-fragrance-free cleanser and plain water. Use a soft clean cloth or safe baby wipes. Pat the diaper dry without rubbing. Apply an organic cream such as goodness.me certified organic multi-purpose baby cream to soothe the area. Let the diaper area air-dry completely before putting on a fresh diaper.

A calming touch

A cuddle or a massage is a great way to convey your love and affection to the baby but for them, it’s a lot more. A loving touch boosts immunity in babies, activates hormones, and helps fight diseases. Massaged babies are also calmer, able to sleep better, and cry less. Simply lay your baby on a soft fabric or blanket, get a gentle baby oil or lotion, warm it in your hands and rub it on your baby’s arms, legs and chest in nice gentle strokes.

Remember you baby’s delicate skin deserves extra care. So, make use of the best organic baby soap and shampoo to pamper them with the gentlest care amid this lockdown and always.


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