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A one-stop guide for cake lovers

A one-stop guide for cake lovers

Breathe in, breathe out the serene aroma of cake; breathe in, breathe out the taste of cream and icing after every meal; breathe in and breathe out the crisp of nuts and wafers, the mantra of cake lovers. Those who abide by it know what the deal is. With new and advanced techniques in cake recipes; cake eating has become a more frequent and healthier experience. From controlled sugar to endless cake to same day cake delivery in Chandigarh and midnight doorbells too, cake eating has become more enjoyable than ever. Be it occasions that need to have a must-have cake or cravings that need to be curved then and there cake lovers don’t compromise. So for the foodie in you who knows what she wants, for the sugar tooth in you and the cake addict, we have a few styles and flavours of cake that will blow your mind.

  • Jar cake

Jar cakes are good to keep by your side especially when you travel, get instant cravings or need some sugar taste now and then. Red velvet, chocolate and coffee are some popular cake flavours for jar cakes. You can carry them around in your bags and purses, and savour the taste all day.

  • Wine glass cake

Cakes are a delight to eat and more enjoyable to cut and share with friends. A wine glass cake is one when a normal cake is cut with a wine glass instead of a knife. People pierce their share of the cake with a wine glass and eat it with a spoon. Red velvet, coffee, chocolate, orange are some popular cake flavours in this league.

  • Cupcake

Cupcakes are popular and an even more preferable choice when toned up into photo or poster cupcakes. They make a great choice for occasions and gifts too. And these can be bought online and delivered the same day. They are easy to send to without a doubt for spoiling. For days when you want to come back home to something sweet and delicious with cream, cupcakes are the one.

  • Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are not new but have gained popularity recently. If you have eaten the real one you know they are nothing like heavy cheese. It is a light crust with heavenly icing flavours and softness in every bite. It is only wise to keep one at home to come back home to nothing but a heavenly treat. You need to find the perfect bakery for it though because the beauty of the cake lies in the excellence of its making.

  • Marble cake

Marble cakes are delicious and if you are one to like a combination of vanilla and chocolate in your cake, you will surely like this one too. The addition of a chocolate web on top is very exciting. When added with milk chocolate it is supremely delicious. You can buy it online from a famous bakery when you are in the mood for something spectacular, crunchy and soft.

  • Smash cake

The famous smash cakes or pinata cakes need no introduction especially today. They are more fun to break than eat. The hollow coating of chocolate shape and filled goodness inside with gems, cookies, cake, chocolates and Ferrero Rocher is exciting. And are being overly used in celebrations these days. So this cake can sit out your daily cravings, save it for the parties.

  • Flow cake

Flow cakes too are famous for celebration and are also called tsunami cakes. They are usually fondant and it’s the barbie’s dress or the car’s paint that gets done with the cream flows after removing the peel. Easy ones are those that are simple circular cakes and get dressed as the cream flows. Chocolate is the popular flavour in demand.

  • Coffee truffle cake

Coffee truffle is the cake for those who like exotic tastes. These can be kept to eat later and taken along for those tedious metro and car rides. This flavour has a subtly bitter taste but the truffle covers up for it. The illusion of caramel with the mixing of two is truly scrumptious.


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