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A Must Holiday Vacation To Gurgaon

A Must Holiday Vacation To Gurgaon
holiday vacation to gurgaon

Taking a break is good for both mental and physical health. For your well-being, time away from work — and everything that goes with it, from emails to to-do lists to drafting proposals and attending meetings. As much as working and earning money is important, taking a break from it is equally important. Therefore, it is no wonder that what individuals say as their reasons for going on holiday varies, but with a comparable prevalent theme.

People take breaks in many ways. Some prefer to stay indoors or meet friends and have a relaxing day while others prefer to go out partying, exploring places or trekking. If looking for places to go, Gurgaon is one of the major tourist attractions. There are a lot of things to do from shopping, exploring tourists’ places, camping and amusement places in Gurgaon Haryana. Some of the places to explore in Gurgaon are,

  1. Nature and parks

Filled with crowds and high-rise buildings, Millennium City Gurgaon. Gurgaon also has some of the Best Parks and Gardens amid busy and noisy roads. Leisure valley park, Tau Devi Lal Bio Diversity Park, Huda Park, Sultanpur National Park, and Aravalli Bio Diversity Park, etc. They all have different varieties of plants and animals and is home to many rare species of birds. They all are vast in size.and have jogging and walking tracks for people.

  1. Food and cafes

With the increasing number of IT companies and as people come from all over India to work or study in Gurgaon and as it is a tourist spot, there is also an increase in several cafes and themed restaurants in Gurgaon. As people these days like to hang out in restaurants and try new food, all kinds of cuisines are available. Some of the must-visit cafes in Gurgaon are Roots café,Di Ghent Café, Biker’s café, Café Wanderlust, etc.

  1. Shopping

A vacation is never complete without shopping. In Gurgaon, there are malls and markets for shopping for clothes. Some of the malls famous for shopping are Ambience mall, Sahara Mall, and MGF Megacity mall, etc. Galleria Market, Qutub plaza, Arjun Marg market, and Sadar Bazaar are some of the market places where you get good cheap clothes.

  1. Landmarks and tourist attractions

Gurgaon has a lot of places that possess cultural heritage value like Museum of folk and tribal art, Vintage car museum, Sheetla Mata Mandir, Pautadi palace, Qutub Khan’s tomb, etc.

  1. Resorts and amusement park

When it comes to a total package of fun, resorts are best. There are many resorts with amusement parks in it. Gurgaon amusement places have both dry and water games for all age groups. Resorts provide special facilities like a spa, skiing, and extensive services to their guests.

Apart from these things, there are a lot more things to do in Gurgaon like go-carting and Iskate, etc. The soothing weather and greenery all around Gurgaon will make you feel not to leave the place and stay there forever. No matter how busy in life you are, try and have some quality time with friends and family.



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