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8 Myths about AA Meeting Busted in Vermont


People who wish to quit drinking successfully may think of joining Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. However, they may have apprehensions. How the meeting would be? What do I have to say there? Will I have to share all my experiences compulsorily? 


To add to the woes are certain myths surrounding the AA meetings in Vermont. A few of them are:

  • AA is a cult.
  • AA mandates you to follow a particular religion. 
  • AA brainwashes you. 
  • You must admit, “I am an alcoholic.”
  • You must pray. 
  • You must hug every member. 
  • You have no choice but to reveal all your secrets. 
  • You will get addicted to AA! 


  1. AA is a cult:



AA is not a cult or even an organization. It is a group created in 1935 by two alcoholics who wanted to quit drinking badly. They succeeded. It occurred to them to reach out to other alcoholics and help them do the same. Slowly, AA spread its wings globally. 


AA is neither a business nor a social service. It is simply a platform. It strictly follows the 12 traditions of AA


  1. AA mandates you to follow a particular religion:



One of the 12 steps of AA is to surrender to a Higher Power. This does not mean AA asks people to follow a certain religion or God. You may or may not believe in God/Higher Power; you can still attend meetings. 


You can be of any religion, race, age, gender, and ethnicity, AA is open for all. 


  1. AA brainwashes you:



This is somebody’s imagination or maybe a mind’s perception. AA does not brainwash; rather makes you realize the negativities associated with being an alcoholic. If somebody has perceived this as brainwashing, then it’s sad. 


One of the prerequisites of joining local AA meetings is the desire to quit drinking. When you have already made up your mind, who can brainwash you? 


  1. You must admit, “I am an alcoholic.”



This one is true in the sense that you must admit your powerlessness in front of your addiction. This is the first step of the 12-step program. If you are in denial of your addiction, how can you de-addict? 


However, this does not mean you must announce to the world that you are an alcoholic. 


  1. You must pray.



Again, this has two sides. Meetings feature a round of prayer wherein you gain strength from a Higher Power. But it is alright if you believe in no God. Prayer is no compulsion. 


  1. You must hug every member. 



This isn’t a norm in meetings. It’s simply a gesture followed in certain meetings. However, things have changed after the pandemic. 


  1. You have no choice but to reveal all your secrets. 



AA meeting never compels anybody to reveal any information they don’t want to. There is no such thing as “no choice” here. You’re joining a meeting itself is a choice! Your desire to quit drinking is a choice. 


Remember, it’s your choice to attend AA or not. Ultimately, life is all about the choices we make. 


  1. You will get addicted to AA!



You can leave AA anytime you want. In fact, you must move on when achieving your sobriety goal.

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