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7 Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged During a Virtual AGM

7 Tips to Keep Your Audience Engaged During a Virtual AGM

It can be challenging to maintain a proper engagement throughout the virtual event. But it is essential to add and keep some elements that can be helpful to engage your audience.

So, you need to pick the best virtual AGM platform that can offer the top engagement elements for your event. Still, you need to know the various pointers that take you to the engagement. Hence, here are several tips that can be helpful for you to maintain a better engagement at your virtual exhibition.

  1. Know the Importance of Preparation

  • Finalize the Virtual Meeting Agenda

You have to finalize and share the virtual meeting agenda in advance with the virtual AGM platform experts. It is the first step in your planning.

  • Finalize the Virtual Event Date and Time

Then comes the date and time of the virtual meeting. Moreover, you have to share a complete menu of sessions and topics that you want with virtual exhibition platform experts.

  • Finalize the Speakers for Your Virtual Meeting

Find and choose the experts in your industry. Moreover, you have to invite and finalize the professionals who are ready to become speakers at your virtual meeting.

  1. Check for all the Remote Event Joining Requirements

  • Compatible Device for Virtual Event

The best virtual exhibition platform supports various devices, like mobiles, pcs, laptops, tabs, etc. You have to ask your audience to check which device they will use, and it should be working correctly.

  • Good Internet Connection

As per the virtual fashion show platform, a good internet connection is a must for a seamless virtual event experience.

  1. Stick to the Established Virtual Event Attending Rules

  • Establish the Virtual Event Attending Rules

You have to share some of the virtual event attending rules with the speakers. They should focus on the event only throughout the sessions.

No cross chat or side conversations

Make everything clear and concise

Give everyone a chance to speak

Maintain a civil and respectful environment

  • Stick to the Rules Throughout the Event

It is vital that all the experts follow and stick to these rules during the virtual meeting. Moreover, it can make the attendees’ experience seamless.

  1. Keep Time for a Short Introduction

It is necessary that you use the right icebreaker to maintain a good start for your virtual meeting. Moreover, you can start your session with a short introduction of yourself. You can add some humor to make it more interesting and attention-grabbing.

  1. Connect and Involve Everyone in Your Virtual Event

  • Live Chat, Audio, and Video Calls: You can get various communicative tools to maintain an easy interaction with the attendees. The best virtual fashion show platform provides live chat, audio, and video call option. It helps in a convenient way of communication between all the participants, sponsors, and exhibitors.

  • External Communication Integration: You can also get external integration for smooth communication. Moreover, the best virtual exhibition platform provides WhatsApp, Zoom, BlueJean, etc., to make a smooth conversation between everyone present at the virtual meeting.

  • AI Matchmaking: Making friends is also a vital point of events. So, you can get the matchmaking tool based on artificial intelligence with the best virtual AGM platform. It analyzes the demographic information of the users present at the virtual event and creates a suggestion list of people with similar interests.

  • Networking Tables: Networking with others is also a crucial part of events. So, you can create networking tables with the best virtual AGM platform. It is a round table with a maximum of 8 seats. They provide live chat, audio, and video call options for the attendees for smooth communication.

  • B2B Meeting Scheduler: It is essential that you clear all the doubts and trouble of the attendees at your virtual event. The best virtual exhibition platform provides a meeting scheduler for such requirements. The attendees can book a call appointment with the speaker even before the meeting starts.

  • Browser-Based Solution: You should pick a browser-based virtual exhibition platform. The attendees find it troublesome to download an app or software every time they attend a virtual meeting. So, with the web-based solution, they can log in easily with the browser.

  • Gamification: Engagement can be a difficult task for all the exhibitors. So, you can add AR/VR games, quizzes, etc., to keep the attendees engaged throughout the virtual event.

  • Emoticons: You can share all your feelings with the speakers just like you do at a physical event. The best virtual AGM platform provides the heart, like, clap, hoot, and various emoticons. Users can use these elements to show their feelings to the speakers and encourage them.

  • Leaderboard: You can also add a sense of competition to your virtual event with the leaderboard. Moreover, decide some points users will get on visiting each booth, auditorium, playing games, and many more. It will encourage the attendees to explore more to win a reward with maximum scores.

  • Document Library: Speakers and you may have to share some necessary documents with the attendees. The best virtual exhibition platform provides the document library. The attendees can view and download all the flyers, sessions, files, pdf, and various essential information you provided.

  1. Don’t Forget to Take Follow-Up At the End

  • Share a Feedback Form Pop Up At the Screen

Taking follow-up is a must. So, you can pop up the feedback on the screen as soon as the virtual event ends.

  • Send Email to Collect Follow Up

Also, you can send the feedback forms to the users by email after the virtual exhibition.

  1. Use the Analytics to Offer More Immersive Experience

  • Number of Registered and Number of Login Attendees

You can use the analytics of your previous event. It will help you know your loyal attendees who register and log in to your hybrid events.

  • Most and Least Engaging Booths and Sessions

You can also know the booths and part of your virtual event that everyone liked the most or least. So, you can add it to your strategy for this virtual meeting.

So, these are the various tips that can be helpful to keep your audience engaged throughout a virtual exhibition. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to create an engaging, communicative, and networking virtual meeting in 2022.


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