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6 Proven Causes of Tanning Bed Rash


Tanning bed rash is a reality. Before you dream of flaunting sensuous bronze skin, know what tanning rash is and why it happens. 


What’s a tanning bed rash like? 

In some people, skin breaks into a rash after a couple of days of tanning. In others, it happens immediately. Red bumps begin to appear. They are itchy. They may spread and develop a patch. It’s different from the usual prickly heat rash. 


Tanning rash usually occurs on the knees, abdomen, back, and underside of thighs, as these are the areas in direct contact with the bed. 


Causes of tanning bed rash


  1. Unhygienic tanning bed

Search for “sunless tanning near me” and choose only the most prestigious salon in town. Salons that care for their customers keep their tanning beds hygienic and in top working condition. If you feel the bed is not clean, hesitate not in canceling your session and walking out. 


  1. Allergic reaction 

An allergic reaction is a common cause of tanning bed rash. You might be allergic to some chemical that the salon used to clean the bed with. Or you may have used some skin product (like moisturizer or sunscreen) and it reacted when the UV rays hit your skin. 


  1. Blocked sweat ducts

It is advised that you wipe off all sweat from your skin before entering the tanning bed. However, in some people, a blocked sweat duct can cause a rash. It begins with red dots accompanied by itching and turns into blisters. 


Some people have a tendency to get heat rash. So, when they are exposed to UV rays, their skin naturally breaks into a rash. 


  1. Excessively dry skin 

Tanning beds are known to suck moisture from the skin. That’s why in Boca Raton, tanning salon experts advise slathering some moisturizer before laying yourselves on the bed. Wait for a few minutes after applying moisturizer to let your skin absorb the ingredients completely. 


If you have dry skin, make sure you moisturize it well first and then enter the bed. Flaky and dry skin can easily break into a rash when exposed to UV rays. 


  1. Overexposure to UV radiation 

Do you know a tanning bed can give you six times more the amount of sun’s UV than tanning under the actual sun? 


That’s the reason tanning beds are regarded as quicker and more efficient in giving you the desired tan. To get the same tan, you must bask under the sun for a longer time. 


However, for the same reason, the beds can be dangerous too, if you stay in them for too long. Never stay inside the tanning bed for longer than recommended by skin experts at the tanning salon


If you feel uncomfortable or anything wrong, immediately get out of bed. 


No tan is worth risking your skin’s health. 


  1. LSD (Light Sensitive Disorder)

LSD is a rare condition. It is characterized by an allergy to the sun’s rays. People suffering from LSD cannot spend even a few minutes under the sun. 


If you cannot tolerate the sun even for a short time, please do not take the risk of being inside a tanning bed. Consult a dermatologist before you decide to get a tan in a salon. 


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