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5 Varieties of Notebooks for School and College

5 Varieties of Notebooks for School and College

School and college years are the most important years in a child’s life. These developmental years are responsible for creating a solid foundation of knowledge, manners, goals, and opinions that the child will grow to take. In these years, students go through uncountable lessons, valuable advice, rigorous examinations and more to expand their worldview and expertise. Stationery is what keeps them company throughout this journey.

Pens, notebooks, colours etc are a child’s first companion on this path of knowledge. And having the right kind of stationery items helps improve the experience of learning. Notebooks, in particular, are essential from day one and remain so until graduation.

Here are some advantages of using notebooks:

  • Writing in notebooks is scientifically proven to retain knowledge in your mind which is why students are always asked to take down notes and practise in their notebooks
  • It improves handwriting
  • It gives students practice writing for longer durations during exams
  • It helps create a sense of presentation
  • Since it is paper and not an electronic device, it can be relied upon to always have your notes/ information whenever you need them, unlike laptops and mobiles that may run out of charge
  • Notebooks are so versatile and can be used for innumerable activities or tasks

Today there is a wide variety of stationery brands made for school and college-going kids out of which Classmate and PaperKraft are the finest. Find these notebooks and more on ITC Store and enjoy a seamless stationery online shopping experience.

If you are a school or college-going kid looking for different types of notebooks for your different classes, here is an easy guide for you:

Classmate Pulse Notebooks

Hardbound notebooks with attractive and colourful designs and ultra-smooth paper for a delightful writing experience, Classmate Pulse notebooks are a must-have for those who like sturdy notebooks. They are easy to carry and stylish to hold, leaving a lasting impression on everyone. These Classmate notebooks come in ruled, unruled and spiral-bound versions and are perfect for school and college both.

Classmate Pulse Flexi Bound Journals

The Flexi bound series is a culmination of hardbound and paperback binding in the form of a bendable journal. With vibrant and invigorating covers, 80 pages of natural shade paper and 8 special pages for planning and self-development, these Classmate journals are perfect for planning activities both academic and recreational.

PaperKraft Notebooks

PaperKraft notebooks are sleek, modern and minimalistic notebooks with elegant and smooth paper and PU covers that are reminiscent of vintage leather-bound journals. These notebooks are well-suited for college students and new working professionals. PaperKraft notebooks come in varying sizes and can be accordingly used as subject-oriented books, diaries or as practice books.

PaperKraft Notepads

Coming in a variety of 4 designs, all dark solid shades of blue and black, PaperKraft notepads are the ultimate stationery item to boost productivity. Perfectly suitable for those college students who have a lot on their plate and love making to-do lists to stay organised, these notebooks work well to take shorthand notes of important topics.

Subject-specific notebooks

Other than the notebooks mentioned above, Classmate also produces several niche notebooks like practical notebooks for Chemistry, Biology and Physics practicals, accounting notebook for students studying Accounts, drawing notebooks and 3D craft notebooks for Art classes, etc.

Experience the joy of learning with these exciting notebooks.


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