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5 Tips for Guiding Your Child Through an Escape Room

5 Tips for Guiding Your Child Through an Escape Room

The most distinguishable characteristics of children are how immensely full of energy and curiosity they are! Compared to adults, they are far more willing to start thinking out of the box and be creative. These factors seemingly make them one of the best players to enjoy an escape room experience.

Taking your child to one of the escape rooms in Prescott this weekend can be a memorable experience for them. Visiting the escapades also undeniably offers you one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family. Furthermore, it also allows your child to test their creativity and problem-solving skills and even enhance their motor skills.

Now, while you take your kid to an escape room game anytime soon, here are 5 essential tips that you need to keep in your mind:

1.  Do your homework!

It is always better to prepare yourself before entering the escape room game. So, instead of randomly choosing and entering an escape room near you, do your research on the kinds of games that the given escape room venture offers.

Escape rooms are generally based on themes ranging from horror or mystery to fantasy or space. Before choosing a specific escape room to take your kid to, find out which of the themed games your child is more likely to feel comfortable with.

The horror-themed escape rooms might often be far too scary for light-hearted people. Instead, more fun and a light-hearted game might make your child more at ease and allow them to have fun and enjoy. So, after you have decided on the game that you will take your child to, you are better equipped to brief them a little about the game beforehand.

2.  Open up to your child.

Your child must know what they ought to expect in an escape room game. So, before you drive into an escape room near you, make sure that you take to your child and tell them what an escape game is and how it works. Having a friendly chat with your child and answering all the questions that they might have in mind about the game is a vital thing to do.

If you have already played these games before, you can even give your child a few tips on how they can ace the games. However, if you are new to the world of escape games, you can do a little research and enlighten yourself and your kid thereafter about the game.

Tell your child what the escape games ask them to do, how they need to search for clues in the game, and even how they can tell each other what they have discovered. Make sure to give your child a little boost before they embark on the escape games!

3.  Allow your child to play in whichever way they want

It is only natural that your child will not play like an adult. If you feel like you cannot handle your child’s inquisitive and bubbling nature, then you better not bring them to an escape game. While playing an escape room game with your kid, you need to give your best in guiding them through the game.

When you bring your child to an escape room game, allow them to participate in the game instead of shooing them out of your way. Your child may make mistakes even in the game, but instead of scolding them, you need to be patient and teach them what to do. As long as you are ready to help your child throughout the gaming process, your child can be the perfect partner that you need to make the game more fun!

4.  Assign your child manageable tasks

Unless you think your child is the next best hacker in the world, expecting your child to solve advanced tasks in the game is unrealistic. Escape room games are all about perfect teamwork and collaboration. Although your child might not be able to solve the nastiest of riddles by themselves, who knows, they might even surprise you!

Children are naturally far more creative and innovative than adults. You can give your child tasks that are appropriate for their creative natures and young age. Searching for objects, recognizing patterns, or even solving number games can be something your child can help you with within the game!

5.  Do not forget to have fun!

Having fun is something that adults need to learn from children. Escape games that are designed for kids can provide an immersive escape from the lived reality, even for adults!

Allow your kid to lead the game if they feel like it, and never forget to have fun as you play the escape room games. Even though being victorious in the game sure sounds exciting, having fun while playing the game is even more important than grabbing the prize!

So, with that being said, we end our article and hope you have been enriched with all the information we gave you. Now it is time for you to take your child to an escape room near you and have fun with them together!


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