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5 Steps of Product Photography Services

5 Steps of Product Photography Services

A good-quality product image is one of the biggest influences on a customer’s purchase decision. People look at the product image and decide whether it is the right choice for them. They gain more information from the image than they do from other product content like descriptions, ratings, or reviews. A good photograph will tell the customer about product dimensions, colors, textures, size, and more. That allows people to make an informed decision about the product and they are less likely to regret the purchase.

As you can see, product images are an important aspect of selling a product, especially if you want to promote them online. That’s why it is important to invest in professional product photography services. Experts know how to take stunning, creative, and impactful product photographs for a wide range of platforms. Here’s a look at what you can expect from an experienced photographer:

  1. In-Depth Consultation

Professional product photography is a complex and intricate process. Many people mistakenly assume it just involves pointing a camera at an item and taking a picture. During a consultation, a professional photographer will:

  • Ask questions about your product, brand, target audience, and industry.
  • Look at your past and current campaigns to understand what works.
  • Discuss your goals and priorities so they can create a good product image.
  • Understand your brand voice and vibe.
  • Discuss ideas and come up with tentative compositions for the shoot.
  • Discuss deadlines, budget, photography style, and the number of finished shots you need.
  • Tailor the plans based on the platform.

A photographer’s goal is to collect as much information during a consultation as possible. While they are experts in their field and have considerable marketing knowledge, they aren’t intimately familiar with your business or industry. A reliable expert will always take the information provided by clients seriously.

  1. Quote

Once the photographer understands your requirements and priorities, they will provide a detailed quote for their product photography services. The cost can vary based on the studio, style of photography, additional expenses, props, models, number of photographs, and shipping. Study the quote carefully and make sure all possible expenses are included in it. A reliable studio won’t hesitate to explain all of the costs in detail so you can make an informed decision.

It is a good idea to compare quotes from two or three different vendors in your area. If they have different types of pricing, calculate the cost per picture to get a good idea. You can divide the total cost with the number of pictures to get the number. Make sure there are no hidden costs or unclear exemptions before hiring product photography services.

If the studio doesn’t provide a detailed quote, consider switching to another service provider. You can also hire a freelancer with some experience in your niche for the shoot. Freelancers are more affordable, which makes them a good option for people on a budget. However, they don’t have the resources or space that studios have. Examine the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer carefully before deciding.

  1. Pre-Production Planning

Every photography shoot requires a lot of planning and preparation. Even simple product on white photography requires good lighting, proper stagging, and the right camera equipment. Planning and set-up are a very important aspect of product photography services. Professionals will:

  • Determine what kind of props or models they need for the shoot.
  • Discuss the composition with lighting technicians so they can come up with a sound lighting arrangement.
  • Talk with models and artists about the shoot, discussing the composition and approach in detail to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Finalize the composition and schedule time for the photoshoot.

Proper preparation ensures the shoot goes smoothly and the end product lives up to the client’s vision.

  1. The Shoot

Once all of the planning is complete, the photographer will schedule a shoot as the earliest possible time. They will assemble a team of experienced technicians like lighting experts, models, artists, assistants, etc, to ensure the shoot goes smoothly. Some photographers like to experiment with different lenses to determine which one is best suited for your product. A photographer will take dozens of shots from multiple angles in one session to ensure they have options.

Once the shoot is complete, the photographer and their team will start with post-production. All finished images go through a comprehensive assessment and editing process, which is an important part of product photography services. The expert will correct white balance, remove any flaws, boost colors, and make sure the product is the hero of the image before considering their job complete.

  1. Delivery

Most product photography services no deliver product images online. They upload the pictures to a special cloud database and give you access to you so you can use the pictures at any time and from anywhere. The photographer will provide a detailed delivery timeline during a consultation so you know when to expect the copies. Some studios are also willing to upload the images into a physical drive and send it to you via mail, but modern clients usually prefer a cloud upload because it is faster and more convenient.

Once the product images are delivered, the studio will ship the product back to you. Some ask the clients to make transport arrangements while others include the cost of transport in their quote. Transportation is a big concern if the product is large or delicate. For example, expensive jewelry or big motorcycles require special arrangements. Discuss the shipping process and requirements with the studio before you send your product to them for photography. The last thing you need in an unpleasant surprise in the form of additional expenses at the end of the project.

Finding reliable product photography services isn’t difficult. The internet provides all of the information you need so you can compare different vendors and decide which one is ideal for you. Look for a photographer with experience in your niche as they are more likely to provide images that appeal to your target audience.


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