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5 Simple Guide to Make a Best Haunted Halloween House Party!

5 Simple Guide to Make a Best Haunted Halloween House Party!

Halloween is the foreign celebration of ‘desi’ diwali. Every celebration has its own essence. Valentines is the celebration of love. Wedding is the celebration of togetherness of forever. Anniversaries are the occasions to keep the memories of marriage fresh. And birthday is the most eagerly awaited day of the year in everyone’s life. Similarly, Halloween is one such occasion that has the essence of spookiness and awkwardness. Halloween celebrates the presence of every mystery in this world- ghost, darkness, witchcraft, devil, evil- everything but in a funny way. In Western countries like America, this is a very famous festival. But now it is becoming very famous in all over the world. Every household in every country now celebrates this occasion with party and décor. 

Here are 5 simple guides to make the best haunted Halloween house party. 

1) Halloween Party invitation cards

The very first step after you choose to throw a Halloween party at home, is to decide for the party decoration cards. As every party invitation, it is best to reflect the theme and essence of the party. Likewise, for a Halloween party, it is best to choose the creepy invitation card. One common is the violet cards with crescent moon, a broken castle with twinkling stars and a dead tree. But you can choose something different. A white card on which a red lips with a flash of canine can be a spooky invitation card design of the Halloween party. Besides, cemetery shadows invitation party card or the skeleton Waltz Halloween Invitation card can also be good choice. DO not forget to mention the time venue and dress code (if any) on the invitation cards. 

2) Halloween Party Haunted Games

Among the Halloween party haunted games, Mommy race is a very famous one. In this game, the children will be wrapped with white toilet papers and the job of the mothers is to un-wrap their children from it as soon as possible to win exciting rewards. There is another one named tombstone toss. There will be a thermocol painted tombstone and mothers need to throw as many bean bags as possible touching the stone in given time to win the game. As there are games, it is best to send halloween gift hampers online as gifts. 

3) Halloween House Party Décor

There are varieties of props of decoration for this occasion of Halloween. The main props are mainly- the void pumpkin and the crescent moon. You can hang the pumpkin at the very front entrance to the party hall. Inside the hall, you can hang paper cutting bats and some paper spiders with the web. You can create a photo-wall where you can stick the crescent moment and shining stars. Besides, there are skulls, skeleton hands and black cloaks that you can use for the decoration of Halloween party. These are the best halloween house party ideas to celebrate the occasion in such a spooky way. 

4) Halloween House Party Foods

As this occasion is of spookiness, let’s add some eeriness to the food menu as well. Spaghetti with rat meat balls is the most popular dish for this party. For the snacks, you can choose the Jalapeno poppers Mommy which are stuffed halved jalapenos with cream cheese, wrapped with strips of thawed puffed pastry. Creepy rice treats are colored marshmallow balls with popping eye candies on them. Another dessert dish beside this will be the boo brownies. These are chocolate brownies with white melting marshmallow toppings on them.  For the snacks you can order themed cookies from halloween cookies delivery online sites. 

5) Halloween Party Drinks

Every party has its own essence that is best celebrated with the taste of the drinks. The classic ginger ale along with grenadine mock-tails will bring an easy spooky twist in this party. And the essence becomes top-notch when you use the syringes and fill them with one ounce of grenadine. Then you can put the syringes into glasses full of chilled soda. When your guests arrive to the drink bar and choose their glasses, instruct them to push the syringe in the glass before drinking. Such a celebration is one of the best Halloween party ideas for adults.

Halloween is one of the funniest occasions to celebrate in the year. Above are the best simple guides to plan the best haunted Halloween house party. 


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