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5 Fancy Features Required in Custom Shirt Boxes

5 Fancy Features Required in Custom Shirt Boxes

Shirt boxes are made keeping a lot of things in mind; one of the most important is the appearance of the packaging. It should look impressive, it should feel good, and it should be of high quality. But from a manufacturer’s point of view, they should also be cost-effective and easy to assemble, etc. Making clothing and then designing the packaging are equally difficult tasks. There are however a few things you should know that are important in boxes for shirts.

Shirt boxes suppliers are also the manufacturers of these boxes. They are aware of what the shirts will need regarding packaging as they are the people who manufacture packaging for many similar brands like yours. Apart from the usual things that Shirt Boxes for sale might need, there is some fancy stuff or features that these boxes need. They are:

1. Preferred die-cut window:

There are boxes of many types of packaging for shirts. One can both pick a design that is being regularly used by other brands and make something regular looking, or they may engage the buyer and the people who just take a glance at the packaging to leave an everlasting impact on them. Having your product speak for itself is a good approach to making shirt gift boxes wholesale or regular packaging for shirts.

This type of box will need a custom die-cut window on the box that shows the product the box is carrying. Such shirt gift boxes in the UK are manufactured for nearly the same price, but this is one feature that is a must for your brand’s shirts in the luxury category. Showing off the product gets the attention of others who may not have any intentions of buying a shirt anytime soon, but they find it so fancy and exclusive that they feel like buying it. As for the customer who gets a shirt packaged in a box like that, that reveals the product; they feel like they have bought something great and have invested their money buying the right piece of garment.

2. The lid on the box for a luxury feel:

Lid boxes have this class to themselves that makes any product look extraordinary. After that, it is up to the brand and the clothing to live up to the customer’s expectations. But for that moment the customer feels great. Shirt boxes with clear lids serve the purpose of both the lid box and the boxes with a display window.

The lid however never fails to give that luxury feel to the box and the product and always lives up to the expectations of the packaging designer. Shirt boxes UK is without a doubt glorious when they have lids on top.

3. Branding inside the box, on the wrapping paper, etc.:

Lots of branding is needed for fancy branding and shirt packaging. The more you put your brand name on the packaging and the brand the more value you add to it. In the case of formal shirts, of course, you cannot put brand names all over them, but you can for sure use space inside, insert care instructions, brand the wrapping paper that wraps around the shirt, etc.

4. An excellent surface that feels luxurious:

Shirt packaging boxes with gloss or matte finish both are on the luxury side. You just have to make the buyer feel great and get him to feel the richness of the texture of the box to convey the right sentiments for the clothing.

5: Ease of carrying the box: Shirt packaging supplies or the box itself must either have a handle to carry and display the gorgeous packaging, or it must be effortless to grab and go.


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