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5 Expert Tips for Choosing an iOS App Development Company

5 Expert Tips for Choosing an iOS App Development Company

Are you looking to create an iOS application? There are plenty of development companies out there, but it can be hard to figure out which one will work best for your budget and needs. Here are five expert tips for choosing an iOS app development company so that you can launch your iOS application as smoothly as possible.

Do They Offer iPhone Application Development Services?

Although you may think that all iPhone application development company are equal, they certainly aren’t. To be successful, any company has to have both a solid understanding of development and expert developers with multiple years of experience under their belts. If a company doesn’t offer iPhone app development services, consider moving on to another one quickly because these sorts of projects are very different from desktop or web applications. Knowing how to develop native iPhone apps and having a portfolio of these projects is critical. For more tips on choosing an application developer, check out our comprehensive guide: The 5 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring Your Mobile App Developer .

Is Their Experience Validated By Clients?

When you’re looking to hire a development company, finding out what kind of experience they have with iPhone application development is critical. Make sure that they can show you client references—and don’t be afraid to ask those clients about their experience working with your potential vendor. It’s important to verify that any claims made by your prospective vendor are backed up by real-world results. Ask questions like: What kinds of applications did they develop? How long did it take them? What was their process like? How much did it cost? Did they stick to budget and timeline? Were there any problems along the way, and how were they resolved?

Do They Provide References?

Apple’s guidelines are pretty clear about how apps must be made, so you need to choose an app development company that has a track record of creating apps that adhere to those guidelines. Your best bet is to ask any potential candidates if they provide references or portfolios of their work. If they don’t, go with someone else—it means they may not have any experience with Apple and aren’t serious about your project. If they do, then start asking some tough questions: How long did it take them to create previous projects? What was their budget? Did they follow all of Apple’s guidelines? And more importantly, can you trust them to deliver what you want? Don’t settle for vague answers; push back until you get specific details.

What Programming Languages Do They Support?

Since Apple will only accept apps created in Objective-C or Swift, be sure to find out which language your development company supports. Is it Swift? Objective-C? Some hybrid of both? Knowing what they can work with will help you pick a developer that you know can get your app into Apple’s hands. How Long Have They Been Around?: If you want a reputable company, check their history. How long have they been around? What kind of experience do they have working on mobile applications and games? The longer a company has been around and working in the industry, chances are better that they’ll create something you love and want to share with others.

How Does Their Team Function?

Before you sign on with a company, find out how their team functions. Do they prefer to work together or in silos? Are they a group of self-sufficient individuals who prefer to do things alone or is there more of a culture of collaboration and sharing information? These are all important questions that can make or break your business down the road. If you’re working with freelancers, it’s especially important to get a sense of how they function as a team. You may be able to see examples of their past work or testimonials from previous clients—if so, take some time to dig into these references and really try to understand what made them successful. If not, don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about what makes them tick as a team member.


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