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4 Major Types of Portable Bags and Their Significance in Our Daily Life

4 Major Types of Portable Bags and Their Significance in Our Daily Life

Carry bags are one of the least noticed accessories we use on a regular basis. You need them every day for shopping, carrying food, office accessories & gift items etc. Have you ever noticed that all of them differ from each other on the basis of material type, design & purpose. Starting portable bags business is evergreen & very profitable. All you need is the knowledge of current demand & changing trends. Not only for personal use but these bags also have a great significance for industrial purposes. Various industries use these bags for packing purposes from where you can get orders in bulk. Here we are explaining four major kinds of bags currently available in the market by further elaborating on different variants. 

Four major kinds of portable bags 

1. Market bags 

As the name illustrates, the market bags are meant for carrying products after buying from the market. In most of the cases, you will get them from the seller rather than carrying from home. They are generally very lightweight but designed to carry adequate weight. These bags are further divided into four categories i.e.:

  1. Reusable grocery bags 
  2. Insulated cooler bags 
  3. Produce bags 
  4. Lunch bags

Among the four of them, reusable grocery bags are highly in demand because sellers need them for packing all kinds of miscellaneous things. Produce bags are more durable which are available in both organic cotton and polyester mesh material. Lunch bags are mostly used by premium food delivery outlets. The best quality insulated cooler lunch bags are made up of fabric and wax. You can choose the option of insulated cooler bags for shopping of perishable food products. These bags are designed to allow maximum products such as vegetables, meat, cheese & milk, etc without any pressure. Things stored in these bags remain fresh for a long time. 

2. Merchandise bags 

The merchandise bags are only meant for packing. A good brand has influential potential & every seller wants to utilize it.   bags are among the most effective ways of marketing a brand. From a small shopkeeper to the owner of the large showroom, everyone needs merchandise bags for promotional purposes. The most popular variants of these bags available in the market are:- 

  1. Paper shopping bag
  2. Reusable shopping bag
  3. Plastic shopping bag
  4. Pouches

Among these four variants, paper shopping bags are highly popular among garments sellers. For grocery items, durable plastic merchandise bags are more popular. Pouches are highly in demand among jewellers and their designs are more innovative than all other variants. 

3. Gift bags 

Gift bags are available in multiple colours and attractive designs. We only need them for carrying gifts. A gift bag is the most suitable accessory to carry gifts at a party. However, they are available in different sizes & shapes. The most popular variants currently available in the market are:- 

  1. Paper gift bags 
  2. Reusable gift bags
  3. Wine bags 
  4. Pouches 

They are available with different types of textures ranging from plain white to glittering textures. Most of these gift bags are reusable very robust. Pouches are designed in the most artistic way to pack valuable gifts such as precious metals & stones. 

4. Storage & organizer bags

These are among the largest sizes of portable bags available in the market & have a great significance for the household. Rather than carrying shopping, storage & organizers are meant for keeping your goods in an ordered manner. It helps in separating the clothes of every person. You can categorize woollen, cotton & silk clothes in different storage units. Some of the most common storage bags you will find in the market are:- 

  1. Garments bag
  2. Laundry bag
  3. Miscellaneous bags 
  4. Storage bags

These are some evergreen options in portable bags that online shopping websites offer to retailers. You can easily start their production business with mild investment and earn a great profit margin. 


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