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3 Ways to Get Rid of Thick Body Hair at Home

3 Ways to Get Rid of Thick Body Hair at Home

Chrissy Teigen reveals to Fashionista in June 2012 that she doesn’t have hair everywhere. But on the areas where she does, the hair is “angry…thick and coarse”. So, you’re not alone in the body hair removal fight and the struggle is real. But thankfully various advanced depilatory options are waiting out there to rid you of that thick bush.

Rice water is not new to strengthen and embellish hair. It traces back to the old Heian era when courtyards in Japan were renowned to have lovely, long hair that flowed on the floor. Its secret was the rice water for hair.

Here are 3 ways to bid farewell to thick unwanted body hair in the comfort of your home.

3 Ways to Remove Thick Body Hair at Home

Use Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams are tough on unwanted hair and easy on your skin. The best hair depilatory creams can remove fine body hair on arms and legs and even thick hair on underarms and bikini line. They work close to the hair roots with a gentle spatula. So, the hair grows back slower and finer (with regular use).

These creams can eliminate even short stubborn hair. But this won’t pain as the best products are clinically proven to keep your skin moisturised for up to 24 hours. So, after you win the fight against coarse hair, special formulations of a good cream soothe sensitive skin with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and nourish dry skin with Shea Butter. Plus, the fragrance technology of the cream ensures that all the malodour, preserved so long by your thick undergrowth, leaves.

Use Wax Strips

Has the hot wax reduced your skin to a casualty? Time to switch to ready-to-use wax strips for full body hair removal for women. One, they’re reusable. So each strip can serve 3-4 times until all the thick hair is gone. Two, you can cut them in needful lengths to cover every hard-to-reach area. Such areas include your bikini line and underarms proudly bearing the thickets. So, no coarse hair, even those 1.5mm long, is spared.

Three, unwanted hair goes on vacation for up to four weeks. Four, waxing uproots hair. So new growth is late, finer and lighter (with consistent practice). Five, waxing also translates for exfoliating dead skin cells hidden under thick hair. Six, the best wax strips, like hair removal creams, treat you royally with distinct formulations for different skin types and with pleasant fragrances. Whoa!

Glide an Electric Trimmer

Last but not the least, if your old razor showers nicks and cuts on your skin bring on a sensitive-touch electric trimmer. It can both trim and remove body hair while its cutting blades never touch the skin! Use it to not just groom fine eyebrows and upper lips but also depilate coarse pubic and underarm hair. The best automatic trimmers come with high-precision and small heads for shaving/shaping and trimming. Finally, after the grooming session, any thick hair stuck in the blades can be swept away with the provided cleaning tool. So, no risks of infection.

Move a spatula or electric trimmer and pull a wax strip against the direction of hair growth. And get instant long-lasting silky-smooth glowing skin right at home! Go, girl!


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