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3 inexpensive yet romantic ways to plan your first date

3 inexpensive yet romantic ways to plan your first date

To all the couples out there, what was your first date like? As soon as you fix your first date with this person you’ve been chatting on, you start planning to make this day worth the wait, right.


We all know that a first date is an event that everyone new in love eagerly waits for. It is celebrated to express your affection for your partner, crush or for people you adore. Though the concept of dating came into the western culture, over the years, it has gained major popularity. Well, it surely is an amazing thing for you and you must be excited and all for the day. After all, you finally get to meet this person you have been texting all day and night. So, I won’t kill your excitement with boring stuff and let’s discuss what all you can do on your date because this is going to be your first impression and I know you don’t want to spoil it because you were just being lazy to look up t new ideas. Of Course you can order flowers online in Delhi along with gifts. But that’s not a plan, it is a good gesture. What about the plans? Well, the ideas might not be very grand or anything, all that is required is an idea. Everyone has their own creative way to make this day memorable.  


Though you might wish to spend your day on a private island with your private beach with your love, but your bank balance has some other plans. So, for those big dreaming and small budget people, here are some inexpensive yet romantic ideas to plan your first date. 


Candlelight night

Let’s start the list with a classic date idea that is considered one of the most romantic ways to show love to your significant other or let’s just say speed up the process of making them say ‘yes’. Candlelight dinner is always perfect, and I’m telling you to spend the whole night under the light of candles. Just imagine how romantic it’s going to be because what’s more romantic than candles, right? Set up the date on a rooftop venue or even your building, just do it with lit candles and turn off all the lamps and all the overhead lights. It’s going to create a magical aura that you and your date will never forget. 


Cozy blanket fort

Before anything, just tell me don’t you agree that this sounds like a real cozy date idea? Well, it is. If you two don’t like crowded places or fancy parties and noisy plans are just not your ideas of dates, then go on to build a cozy blanket fort and go for a full-day movie marathon, I mean ofcourse if he or she has such a comfort level. Remember how much we used to have in this blanket fort. Revive the fun and set up your fort in front of your television. Oh, and don’t forget some popcorn and a list of good movies. This is a cute, not so obvious idea, that’s why it’s going to be worth remembering. You can send flowers to Pune in advance to  make them excited for the date. 


Message balloons

A very romantic way to plan a date is by a romantic decoration. Thinking about what is so romantic about decorations? Well, wait until you hear the rest of the idea. All you have to do is fill the room with balloons and not just any balloon. You have to customize these balloons and fill them with love messages for your date to pop the balloon and read messages. Cut little pieces of paper and write everything you love about them. Roll them up and stuff into empty balloons and then blow them up. If you are bad at expressing yourself, this is just a perfect idea for you. 


So these were some romantic first date ideas to make the day memorable by not going out of your budget. What can be more inexpensive than hanging around at home itself together? Because at the end of the day, even couples agree that it’s the company that matters, not the budget.


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