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3 Features That Best Email Productivity Tools Have

3 Features That Best Email Productivity Tools Have

With the stream of emails that are sent and received every day, email productivity needs your attention. It is also due to the increased need for virtual communication that only the best email productivity tools can boost the missing efficiency.

Please note that email productivity can be measured by examining one’s ability to get more done in less time. And because most of the professionals spend three hours, on average, of their workday checking their inbox, the work productivity tends to decrease. With the rise of such email clutter, all that you need is the best email productivity tool. Only the right tool can make that daunting task of seeing zero in the inbox happen. So before you step out and start searching for the best email productivity tools, here are a few features that every such software must-have.

Organizing Inbox

By organizing an inbox all that we mean is making use of filters, folders, labels, etc to make your inbox look neat and clean. Filters are game-changers for many as through filters you get to bifurcate between important and less important emails. You get to set automation rules which direct your emails into different folders. Organizing Gmail into folders helps you get a streamlined vision and boost your productivity. This is so as with fillers and folders you get labels of important and unimportant tasks or emails. Therefore this is how you get to choose your priority and work accordingly.

Set Email Reminders

Another essential feature that an email sorting software must have is setting email reminders. With timely reminders, you can always be on time with your submissions and nothing slips through the cracks. There is a lot that can happen through email reminders. For example, you can set reminders on incoming emails, ‘sent emails’, etc. These reminders, just like your personal assistants, will ping you for follow-ups and this will help you in increasing productivity.

Unsubscribing Newsletters

Many times it is seen that unwanted newsletters are thrones responsible for filling up the inbox. The best email productivity tool should be capable of unsubscribing these newsletters which are causing nothing but clutter. If not unsubscribed, then at least it should move the newsletters to a particular inbox that can be checked later. You can name such folders with convenient labels in order to understand what they are about. This will, again, help you see what is important rather than just scrolling a mile to find an email from your boss that has got lost in the newsletter. click here

With software that takes care of your emails, you will always end up improving your productivity and saving time. So keep on testing for the tips and techniques that may work best for you through the best email productivity tools available in the market.


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